Exhibitors Announce Activities at Next Week’s Commercial UAV Expo

Offerings include New Products and Releases at SPAR Point Group’s Drone Expo and Conference

October 1, 2015 (Portland, Maine) – Nearly 120 manufactures and suppliers of airframes, components, sensors, software and services will be exhibiting at next week’s Commercial UAV Expo in Las Vegas. The conference, which will take place from October 5-7 at Caesars Palace, will focus on the following key industries for drones in North America: Surveying & Mapping; Civil Infrastructure;  Mining; Construction; Process, Power & Utilities; Precision Agriculture; Law Enforcement, Security and Search & Rescue (SAR). Full event information can be found here. These Commercial UAV Expo exhibitors provided the following product and company announcements:

3DR (Booth K2)
As North America’s largest personal drone company—known for Solo, the world’s first smart drone, and the global best-selling Pixhawk autopilot—3DR enables anyone to get cinematic aerial photo and video easily and reliably. Our drones fit any number of applications, from everyday exploration to cinematography, real estate, sports and commercial photography. http://www.3drobotics.com/
Contact: Roger Sollenberger, pr@3dr.com

Aerialtronics (Booth 309)
Aerialtronics provides full commercial aerial data solutions, defining the future of commercial unmanned aircraft systems. The Altura Zenith sets the bar for quality in unmanned aircraft systems, combining state of the art technology with efficient and appealing design. Aerialtronics achieved a radically novel goal by designing an all-new commercial-grade system: a technically superior multirotor aircraft system that meets a wide variety of application requirements without compromising on design. The Altura Zenith: Fly tomorrow’s innovation today. http://www.aerialtronics.com/
Contact: Douglas West, doug@aerialtronics.com

AeroUAVs LLC (Booth 723)
AeroUAVs is a group of highly experienced FAA Certification and Safety experts now focusing on the UAS industry. Our experts have been part of numerous FAA Certifications for Operational and Airworthiness programs. Members of our team have also worked in partnership with the FAA to develop the newest Safety Assurance Standards (SAS) tools. We have 30+ years of experience working with the FAA Certification Teams and Safety Experts in the Aerospace Industry. http://www.aerouavs.com/
Contact: Timothy Ford, Tim.Ford@AeroUAVs.com

A.G.T Innovation LLC (Booth 606)
Tattu and Gensace are two brands which focus on UAV, Drones, multicopter and rc model field respectively. High C rate and big capacity as well as good quality of TATTU and Gensace battery have won lots of US and Europe users! We have a warehouse in the USA and Europe! Welcome to Inquiry! Tattu Plus is brand new upgraded version of Tattu battery, with the BMS( battery management system), it is an absolutely smart battery, which can protect your battery and longer your battery life cycle. Bettery battery, battery using experience for you! www.genstattu.com
Contact: Benson Hu, Benson@gensace.com

Asymmetric Unmanned Aerial Systems (Booth 800)
Asymmetric Unmanned Aerial Systems provides experienced consulting and UAS flight services for infrastructure inspection including power transmission, wind and solar farms, nuclear facilities, gas and oil pipelines, and offshore rigs. Not only can we fly, collect, and interpret your data with customized packages of aircraft and software, our team of experts can also provide your company with requirements analysis, platform and sensor selection, operations planning, training, maintenance  and section 333 requests. www.asymmetric.com
Contact: Russ Metzler, metzler@asymmetric.com

AgEagle (Booth 420)
Save over $2,500 during the Fall Show Sale.  AgEagle is the premier manufacturer of the Carbon Pro AgEagle Wing system designed specifically for agriculture! A complete, turn-key package! http://ageagle.com/
Contact: Bret Cholcott, bretc@ageagle.com

Airware (Booth 601)
Airware develops an operating system for commercial drones, allowing enterprises to take full advantage of aerial data for any commercial application. Airware’s Aerial Information Platform combines hardware, software, and cloud services to enable companies to quickly customize, efficiently manage, and safely and reliably operate commercial drones at scale. Based in San Francisco, Airware has gathered a cross-disciplinary team of experts in aerospace, robotics, geospatial, hardware, software, and cloud. For more information, visit Airware.com.
Contact: Chelsea Dietz, cdietz@airware.com

Altus Unmanned Aerial Solutions (Booth 612)
Altus UAS is excited to announce the arrival of our new Delta LRX (Long Range eXtreme Weather) Multirotor system.  With trademark Altus triple redundant safety systems including our patented ballistic emergency parachute, the LRX combines a genuine strong wind capability with 30-35 minute flight time carrying any of a range of sensor options. The modular nature of the Delta systems allows for sensor bases to be interchanged under the same power unit.  Check out our long range inspection system in booth 612 where we are exhibiting alongside our US partners, Blue Chip UAS. http://www.altusuas.com/
Contact:  Simon Morris, Business Development Manager

Asylon, Inc (Booth 820)
Asylon is a Philadelphia based company.  We are unveiling our first product, a standalone, field deployable, battery swapping station. It identifies target drones in need of re-charge, guides them onto the landing pad, swaps in a fresh battery, and relaunches the drone. All without a pilot or ground crew. Free tote bags and giveaways for our visitors! http://flyasylon.com/
Contact: Damon Henry, info@flyasylon.com

Autodesk, Inc. (Booth 300)
Autodesk, Inc. showcases enhanced UAS-related features for ReCap 360 in Booth #300.  Designed to meet the growing demand from the UAS industry to turn aerial photos into meaningful 2D and 3D data, these enhancements deliver an easy, cost-effective solution to process UAS photos.  With UAS technology, high resolution aerial images can be easily captured to provide valuable insights to customers.  With enhanced updates, ReCap 360 offers a simple solution to process this UAS data. http://www.autodesk.com/
Contact: Dominique Pouliquen, Dominique.Pouliquen@autodesk.com

AUVSI (Booth 521)
As the world’s largest nonprofit organization dedicated to the advancement of unmanned systems and robotics, AUVSI releases one-of-a-kind industry reports, including the recently published analysis of the first 1,000 commercial UAS exemptions and a UAS Buyer’s Guide comprising the top manufacturers in the industry. AUVSI will also showcase its unparalleled education tools, such as industry-leading networking events and weekly newsletter, daily news blast and the innovative, Unmanned Systems magazine. http://www.auvsi.org/home
Contact: Wes Morrison, wmorrison@auvsi.org

Avyon (Booth 306)
Avyon will be showcasing the full line of precision mapping for both the multi-rotor and fixed-wing small UAS.  This will include the microdrone md4-1000 and Delair-Tech DT26X platforms integrated with Applanix APX-15 UAV and Sony a7R.  The 150 km range DT26X and LiDAR will be added to the precision mapping line-up offered from Avyon. http://www.avyon.com/
Contact: Mike Hogan, mike@avyon.com

Cardinal Systems (Booth 501)
Cardinal is introducing a stand-alone, automatic camera calibration module, VrCamCal, as well as VrAutoTie for automatic generation of tie points in blocks of imagery and VrBundle for adjusting difficult geometries including UAV, oblique, high oblique, close range, coincident cameras, with or without airborne GPS or other IMU data. Another new product is 3DViewPoint for true stereo 3D viewing, classification/digitizing and editing of point clouds.  Also please see VrDSM for point cloud generation from imagery.  Other modules are VrOne, VrTwo, VrVolumes, VrOrtho and VrMosaic. www.cardinalsystems.net
Contact: Jane Smith, jane@cardinalsystems.net

DARTdrones, LLC (Booth 920)
DARTdrones Flight Academy is one of the only FAA 333 exempt drone flight school in the country. We are a female run, military veteran owned, family business founded in 2014. Our mission is to provide the highest quality training on Unmanned Aerial Systems for businesses, emergency services teams, and hobbyists while employing military veterans as our Flight Captains. http://dartdrones.com/
Contact: Chris Costello, chrisc@dartdrones.com

Delair-Tech (Booth 306)
Founded in 2011, Delair-Tech is the first civilian professional-grade drone actor in France, with 1.2 million turnover in 2014. The company offers its expertise -developing and designing drones system and data processing- to leading international organization and institutions as Total, EDF and SNCF in France or the European Union, Glencore, Bolloré Africa Logistics concerning the International stage. Their mission focuses primarily on survey, surveillance and industrial or natural sites security. http://www.delair-tech.com/en/home/
Contact: Gaël Brelet, gael.brelet@delair-tech.com           

Draganfly Innovations (Booth 821)
Draganfly Innovations announces the long awaited launch of its newest and most advanced UAV to date, the Draganfly Commander. The Draganfly Commander allows for longer flight times, larger payloads and incorporates enhanced safety features, further strengthening Draganfly Innovations as the leading supplier of multi-rotor helicopters for commercial use in public safety, agriculture and aerial imaging. Visit Draganfly Innovations at booth 821 at the Commercial UAV Expo to see the newest addition to our fleet. http://www.draganfly.com/
Contact: Josh Stanbury, josh@trace.com

DroneDeploy (Booth 418)
DroneDeploy is showcasing cloud-based map creation software and is the fastest, easiest, most powerful solution available. Make maps and 3D models in minutes with DroneDeploy and start drawing insights about your business. Use analysis tools, commenting, sharing, and measurements—all in your web browser. Industries already using DroneDeploy in their businesses include: agriculture, construction, mining, surveying, real estate, and insurance. DroneDeploy is compatible with any drone and is available in 120+ countries. Start today for free! https://www.dronedeploy.com/
Contact: Ian Smith, ian@dronedeploy.com

FLIR (Booth 814)
FLIR Vue Pro is more than a thermal camera, it’s also a thermal data recorder that records 8-bit thermal video and 14-bit still imagery right in the camera. When connected to compatible flight control systems, it inserts full aircraft geo-location and flight data information into each captured image for easy image stitching with programs like Pix4Dmapper. Vue Pro also gives you in-flight control of two camera functions through direct PWM connections to your control receiver. http://www.flir.com/home/
Contact: Emily Stockman, emily.stockman@flir.com

Flyability (Booth 702)
Flyability is a Swiss company bringing to the market the first collision-tolerant UAV, allowing a robust and easy access to places out of reach of current technologies. Inspired by the way insects handle collisions, this innovation completely changes the way UAVs can be used by allowing them to operate in any complex environment in a risk-free and easy way. Flyability is now targeting the industrial inspection market where its technology helps reducing downtime, cost and risk for workers. Booth 702- Live demo: Tuesday, October 6 at 2:30PM. http://www.flyability.com/
Contact: Roberto Passini, rp@flyability.com or Laure Fessar, lf@flyability.com

Fuerte Cases (Booth 301)
Known across a myriad of commercial industries for our quality work and years of experience, Fuerte Cases is the trusted source for OEM value-added case solutions.  We offer the simplest to the most complex custom enclosures via superior brands, custom foam and color, machining, connectivity, and panel mounts.  Also, for professionals looking for popular UAV transport cases, check out our “Raptor” series, which offers off-the shelf availability & affordability without sparing the quality found in our high end custom cases. http://www.fuertecases.com/
Contact: Megan Davies, MeganD@FuerteCases.com

Harris Corporation (Booth 503)
Harris Corporation will showcase its ENVI image analysis software, a comprehensive image processing platform for remotely sensed data.  ENVI is used to extract actionable information from multispectral and hyperspectral imagery, LiDAR, SAR, and video.  Additionally, UAS imagery can be stacked with layers from multiple sensor modalities making ENVI the ideal platform for data fusion.  Advanced ENVI image analytics can be exposed as on-demand services or batch processes in a private or public cloud infrastructure for flexibility and scalability. http://harris.com/
Contact: Kevin Weiner, Kevin.Weiner@Harris.com

Hawk Aerial (Booth 318)
We believe small UAS can provide your business with better productivity, lower operating costs and improved safety. We are proud to announce strategic partnerships with Autonomous Avionics (integrator and airframe provider) and Airborne Robotics (airframe provider). Come see our new HawkEye Carbon, a rugged and versatile octocopter for the best infrastructure inspection, the Skycrane for heavy payload applications and our HawkEye2 for entry-level inspection or photogrammetry.  Special show pricing available! http://hawkaerial.com/
Contact: Kevin Gould, kevin.gould@hawkaerial.com

Hoodman Corporation (Booth 708)
Drone Aviator Hoods for the iPad Mini. The HAV1 aviator hood for drone pilots mounts to your iPad mini for improved outdoor viewing. The bottom panel of the aviator hood has a unique pierceable feature to aid in touch screen access. Two adjustable mounting straps make hood mounting quick and easy. Hood mount measurements: 7.5” W x 5.2” L x 5.5” D. The HAV1E is an extender hood that mounts over the HAV1 hood for times when drone videographers/photographers require a longer viewfi nder hood that seals out all of the light for optimum glare free outdoor ipad mini viewing. Overall distance from iPad with extender 13”. By Model Suggested Retail, HAV1 $49.99, HAV1E $39.99 www.hoodmanusa.com
Contact: Lou Schmidt, lou@hoodmanusa.com

HPRC Cases-Plaber Srl (Booth 409)
HPRC is a brand known around the world for its highly protective resin cases used by the most demanding professionals in different fields: from photography to industry, from sailing to military, from expeditions to the medical sector. The mission  is to effectively protect any equipment from dust, water, impacts, chemicals or atmospheric agents. http://www.plaber.com/
Contact: Stefano Pieri, stefano.pieri@plaber.com

ITRES Research Limited (Booth 507)
ITRES (1979) manufactures two lines of airborne hyperspectral  and broadband mapping imagers for manned aircraft, as well as micro systems for UAV, and ground use. We also provide global air survey services. Spectral regions covered: UV, VNIR, SWIR, MWIR, and LWIR. Supporting products include our in-flight processing system (IPS), RCX and GCSS processing software, remote operation option, motorized tripod and geological core scanners, and imager calibration system. All  ITRES imagers work with Lidar and produce spectrally-accurate, information-rich, and GIS-ready multi-layered image maps. Data from our imagers feature custom optics, high spatial resolution, and precision georeferencing. http://www.itres.com/
Contact: JoAnne DeVries, jdevries@itres.com

Laser Technology, Inc.  (Booth 210)
LTI will be displaying its line of laser sensors, designed for commercial UAVs.  LTI’s sensors are highly accurate, light weight, and low-power, ideal for use in UAVs.  LTI sensors can be used to detect distance-to-ground and provide other vital information for UAV operation.  www.lasertech.com
Contact: Clint Cowan & Steve Colburn, ccowan@lasertech.com , scolburn@lasertech.com

LiDAR USA (Booth 817)
Showcasing UAV targeted lidar systems including the Velodyne HD32 and Puck, Quanergy M8, and Tyto OWL scanners using a combination of suitable INS from NovAtel, OxTS, and VectorNav. Visit our booth for show specials. www.lidarUSA.com
Contact: Jeff Fagerman, jeff@lidarusa.com

Microflown AVISA (Booth 313)
Microflown AVISA provides complete 3D acoustic situational awareness for the global defense industry. Its proprietary Acoustic Multi-Mission Sensors can be used to detect, locate and (where applicable) track three sorts of audible threats on the battlefield: Small Arms Fire (SAF), RPG’s, Rockets, artillery and mortars (RAM), UAVs and helicopters. During the UAV Commercial Expo Microflown AVISA will be showcasing its Clip On Acoustic Pointer, the world’s first and only acoustic sensor that measures acoustic particle velocity instead of the well-known sound pressure. The Clip On Acoustic Pointer is passive, cannot be jammed, requires no line of sight (darkness, fog, dust) and also works under adverse weather conditions.  This unique application for UAVs is a stand-alone solution, providing the UAV with 360 degrees acquisition capability. The Clip On application enables real time acquisition of SAF, RAM and other vehicles in the UAV’s neighborhood. Its low weight, low power and easy clip on installation provides the end-user a unique mobility for ISR applications. The Acoustic Vector Sensor for UAVs is considered to be a game changer in a situational awareness, allowing new doctrines. http://microflown-avisa.com/
Contact: Mira Ivanova, marketingavisa@microflown.com  

MicroPilot (Booth 721)
With over 850 clients in 70 countries, MicroPilot is the world leader in professional UAV autopilots. MicroPilot offers UAV autopilots, HORIZONmp ground control software, trueHWIL hardware simulator and the XTENDERmp software developer’s kit.  Our MP2128HELI2 flies helicopters, VTOL and fixed wing UAVs.  MicroPilot’s MP21283x is the industry’s only triple redundant autopilot. ISO9001:2008 http://www.micropilot.com/
Contact: Kate Harbosin, kharbosin@micropilot.com

North East Centre for Technology Application Reach (NECTAR) (Booth 618)
NECTAR has developed low cost high endurance aerial platform for commercial applications. So far in the last 8 months the Centre has flown over 1000 sq. km mapping for water and disaster management, flood and Tsunami monitoring, 3D City application and precision agriculture. Challenging task such as mapping of the Brahmaputra river embankment covering 4500 sq. km, costal mapping of 3000 sq. km and water shed management and other task are under progress. Negotiations are on with National Highway Authority for monitoring road development and road planning.  The Centre has achieved 5 cm on horizontal and 10 cm on vertical axis. nectarshop.in/aboutus.html
Contact: Shri Ajay Kumar, akumar@nectar.org.in, Pravin Prajapati, pravin@nectar.org.in

Oxford Technical Solutions Ltd. (Booth 407)
OxTS designs and manufactures high-precision Inertial+GNSS navigation systems for measuring motion, position and orientation. Typical applications include land and aerial surveying, mobile mapping, asset management and UAV employment. OxTS is dedicated to producing easy to use systems that deliver reliable results and back it up with first class service and support. We will be show casing our xNAV, xOEM and xOEMcore product ranges, perfect for size and weight constraint applications. http://www.oxts.com/
Contact: info@oxts.com

Pictometry, An EagleView Company (Booth 700)
Pictometry International Corp provides high-resolution, data-rich oblique aerial imagery and analytical tools for use across multiple verticals. Pictometry is an industry leader in the support of research and establishment for regulations for the use of Unmanned Aerial Systems in the insurance and construction industries. www.pictometry.com
Contact: Jim Murray, jim.murray@pictometry.com

Poms & Associates (Booth 209)
If you are an UAV manufacturer, distributor, training or educational institution, government or public safety institution, or large-scale commercial enterprise seeking to employ UAVs in your operations, Poms can help you get the UAV insurance coverage you need. www.pomsassoc.com
Contact: Victoria Stone, Vstone@pomsassoc.com

PrecisionHawk (Booth 408)
PrecisionHawk will be showcasing latest developments around LATAS (Low Altitude Traffic and Airspace Service). This is the traffic management system that PrecisionHawk is testing under the FAA’s Pathfinder program to enable safe and reliable integration of UAVs into the national airspace. LATAS provides regulators and operators with real time information about the airspace including tracking, ground and air obstacles, weather and geofences, to name a few. The technology operates on existing infrastructure with connections on the wireless network and integrates with current transponder technology for manned aircraft. LATAS is currently being tested with industry partners. www.precisionhawk.com
Contact: Lia Reich, l.reich@precisionhawk.com

PTFS (Booth 421)
PTFS will showcase their Droneware™ and Knowvation GS™ Geospatial Content Management System (GeoCMS) software at Commercial; UAV Expo 2015 in booth # 421. Knowvation GS facilitates the storage, discovery and dissemination of virtually any type of sensor data captured by a UAS or UAV. Droneware offers an intuitive search and browse capability for rapid data discovery.  Both products combine full-text and geospatial queries providing a reliable all-source tool for users who require management of a large variety of data types.  http://www.ptfs.com/
Contact: Jon Sievert, jsievert@ptfs.com

R4 Robotics (Booth 914)
SWAT Teams to Utility and Tank Inspections. Totally different and first showing in Vegas, R4’s caged Roller penetrates sub-stations or SWAT team locations from the ground rolling, easily jumps obstacles, flies upstairs or hovers in front of windows – indoors or out. An explosion protected Quad or the R4 Industrial Hexa cover special (Oil) and standard (Utilities, Wind, etc.) inspections.The R4 LongEndurance –HighPayload (1hr, 5+lbs) with hot swap gimbals, dual sensors & simultaneous HD/SD downlinks is ready for any specialty jobs. http://www.r4robotics.com/
Contact: Karl Sachs, Karl.Sachs@robotandvision.com

RIEGL USA (Booth 400)
The RiCOPTER is the first unmanned aircraft system developed and manufactured by RIEGL, a leading provider of laser scanners and scanning systems. The RiCOPTER is a high-performance UAV equipped with the RIEGL VUX-1UAV LiDAR sensor to offer a fully integrated turnkey solution. This unmanned aerial vehicle is a survey-grade unmanned scanning platform for a variety of demanding applications, such as corridor, power line, or railway mapping. Stop by Booth 400 to experience the RiCOPTER! http://www.rieglusa.com/index.html
Contact: Jill Kreider, jkreider@rieglusa.com

RP Flight Systems, Inc. (Booth 219)
A pioneer in developing Fixed Wing Unmanned Aerial data collection systems since 2001.  Manufacturer of the Spectra and Vigilant Fixed Wing UAS. The Spectra flying wing is a purpose designed unmanned aircraft for SAR, imaging, or surveillance.  Flight time is 1 Hr with EO/IR payload. Flown in winds up to 50 knots. The Vigilant is an efficient, long range unmanned aircraft.  Flight time with payload approx. 3 hours. Range @ 50 k/hr – 50 kilometers. www.rpflightsystems.com
Contact: Gene Robinson, gene@rpflightsystems.com

Silicon Forest Electronics (Booth 201)
Silicon Forest Electronics provides electronics manufacturing services to unmanned systems developers and integrators.  Printed circuit board assembly, electro-mechanical assembly, with significant "design-for-manufacturability" support on new programs.   We are AS9100C certified and provide full-service capabilities in electronics manufacturing. http://www.siliconforestelectronics.com/
Contact: Jay Schmidt, jay.schmidt@si-forest.com

SimActive Inc. (Booth 620)
SimActive is the developer of Correlator3D™ software, a patented end-to-end photogrammetry solution for the generation of high-quality data from satellite and aerial imagery, including UAVs. Correlator3D™ performs aerial triangulation, producing DSMs, DTMs, point clouds, and orthomosaics. Powered by GPU technology and multi-core CPUs, Correlator3D™ ensures matchless processing speed for production of large datasets. SimActive has been selling Correlator3D™ to leading mapping firms and government organizations worldwide, offering cutting-edge photogrammetry software backed by exceptional customer support. www.simactive.com
Contact: Michael O’Sullivan, mosullivan@simactive.com

Skinner Law Group (Booth 209)
Advising companies on FAA rules and regulations applicable to the design, manufacture, and operation of various UAV platforms, Skinner Law Group brings significant background in aviation law and speaks from experience when counseling UAV operators on those logistics needed to safely and legally operate within the United States.  Please stop by booth #209 to discuss your company’s goals and how we can help you get there.  www.skinnerlawgroup.com
Contact: Stephen Almaguer, almaguer@skinnerlawgroup.com

SkyGen Aviation (Booth 602)
SkyGen Aviation in partnership with John McGraw (Deputy Director FAA Flight Standards, Retired) were authors of the first seven Section 333 Exemptions granted and special use cases:  filming from a moving vehicle (ruling pending), tethering, structural inspections in excess of 400’, and more. Our goal is to help companies integrate UAVs into their operations. We provide comprehensive professional packages not just templates. Our clients include PrecisionHawk, Liberty Mutual, Auburn, Aerial Mob, MPAA, and more.  http://skygenaviation.com/
Contact: Katrina Jensen, kjensen@skygenaviation.com

Spectrabotics (Booth 318)
Spectrabotics will be demonstrating advanced spectral imagery analytics for precision agriculture and environmental monitoring using cloud-based software systems.   This cloud-based approach utilizes super-computing speeds to deliver advanced analytical results that can adapt and evolve as new and more capable spectral imagery sensors enter the market. Spectrabotics analytic services are expanding to include multiple data sources to provide a more comprehensive understanding and assessment of the environment, all in a secure data architecture.  www.spectrabotics.com
Contact: Tim Haynie, thaynie@spectrabotics.com

Technodigit (Booth 202)
Technodigit will have the latest release of 3DReshaper at the show and will be showcasing the new surface evaluation functions for level, plumb, flatness and slope, as well as the recently introduced Building Extractor, and Ground Extraction functions.  Stop by booth 202 for a full demonstration. www.technodigit.com
Contact: Doug Schueneman, doug.schueneman@hexagonmetroogy.com

Topcon Positioning Systems (Booth 801)
Topcon solutions integrate information and technology to improve productivity in mass data collection. Our UAS line includes the Topcon Sirius Pro, a fixed-wing solution designed for the most accurate automated mapping of a wide range of applications and sites, regardless of terrain. New to the line is the Falcon 8 — powered by Ascending Technologies — designed for inspection and monitoring, and survey and mapping applications, available in two models: GeoEXPERT and InspectionPRO. Visit booth 801. www.topconpositioning.com
Contact: Staci Fitzgerald, news@topcon.com

Trimble (Booth 413)
Trimble offers a complete unmanned aircraft portfolio of fixed-wing and multirotor systems as well as industry-leading field and office software for quick data capture and processing. We’re proud to be showcasing our new Trimble UX5 High Precision (HP) system featuring a 36MP camera and integrated GNSS system, and our ZX5 Multirotor system for your everyday aerial imaging needs.  Stop by and see datasets processed in Trimble Business Center and Inpho UASMaster. www.trimble.com
Contact: Kelly Liberi, geospatial@trimble.com

UAV Solutions, Inc. (Booth 512)
UAV Solutions, Inc. designs and manufactures fixed wing and multi-rotor unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), combined electro-optical/infrared camera sensors and ground control systems.  Featured: Talon 120LE fixed wing hand-launched aircraft; Phoenix 30 Multi Rotor UAS; Phoenix Ag unique VTOL system designed specifically for ag market; Phoenix Titan carrying up to 40 lbs. of payload; Phoenix Ace, a personal UAS weighing 4.2 lbs.; lightweight, low cost Dragon View EO/IR Camera Sensor; and Tactical Ground Control System. uavsolutions.com
Contact: Sharon Corona, sccorona@uavsolutions.com

Uniforce Sales and Engineering (Booth 204)
Uniforce Sales and Engineering specializes in imaging systems, components, and custom solutions.  We will be showcasing Teledyne Dalsa’s new Genie Nano – smaller, faster, stronger, cheaper GigE vision CMOS camera.  At 46 grams with frame rates up to 84fps (TurboDrive), it is an exceptional new camera to the UAV market.  Additional UAV cameras for demo will be Crevis’s USB cameras and IMPERX’s Bobcat2.0 military grade, GigE cameras.  Mini-Recorders and MidOpt Optical Filters will also be featured.
Contact: Ben Castricone, Ph.D., info@uniforcesales.com

Yinyan Tech US Inc. (Booth 710)
EMAX just launched a new racing quad: EMAX Nighthawk 200 mini racer! It was designed for acrobatic FPV sessions. It supports 5” pros and 220x size motors, proving a strong power for racing. Camera can be mounted on a 10 degree tilt providing better view for FPV racers. With a strong 4mm pure carbon fiber unibody main frame and low CG design, it is more durable, stable, and agile. www.emaxmodel.com
Contact: Echo Tong, echo@yinyanmodel.com

About Commercial UAV Expo
Commercial UAV Expo is a conference and exhibition exclusively focused on the commercial sUAS (small Unmanned Aerial Systems) for large enterprise asset owners in North America.  Focused vertical markets include: Surveying & Mapping; Civil Infrastructure;  Mining; Construction; Process, Power & Utilities; Precision Agriculture; Law Enforcement, Security and Search & Rescue (SAR). Registration is available online now. It will take place October 5-7, 2015 at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. For more information, visit www.expouav.com.

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Diversified Communications, based in Portland, Maine, US, provides information and market access through face-to-face events, publications and online media. Diversified serves a number of industries, including technology, food, healthcare, commercial marine and business management. Diversified operates divisions in Australia, Hong Kong, India, the UK and Canada. For more information, visit www.divbusiness.com.