senseFly Image Processing Software Upgraded with eXom Drone-Ready Features & Enhanced Output Quality

Postflight Terra 3D 4.0 boosts data quality & simplifies workflows

Stuttgart, Germany (Intergeo 2015), September 15, 2015 – senseFly has launched the next-generation version of its photogrammetry software. Supplied with every senseFly drone, Postflight Terra 4.0 now includes eXom-specific close mapping functionality and quality and workflow enhancements to improve the lives of eBee users.

Postflight Terra 3D is senseFly’s professional photogrammetry program. Powered by Pix4D technology, it is supplied with every senseFly drone including the new eXom drone for inspection and close mapping.

The new Version 4.0 of Postflight Terra 3D now includes two key features designed with professionals such as civil and structural engineers in mind:

Create DSMs & orthomosaics from any plane
Using Postflight’s rayCloud Editor, eXom operators can enter and specify any plane in the 3D point cloud to generate a digital surface model (DSM) and true orthomosaic of this surface. Simply select the plane of interest—such as a building’s facade—set the resolution required, then click to create a full orthomosaic. This orthophoto can then be viewed in the software’s re-engineered Mosaic Editor for further fine-tuning.

Scale & Orient
For projects flown in GPS-deprived areas or to increase a project’s relative accuracy, Postflight Terra 3D 4.0 also features new scaling and orientation features. Simply set a reference measurement and input direction data to automatically re-orientate and re-scale the entire dataset.

Plus: improved results & easier editing
Users of senseFly’s eBee mapping drone are also set to benefit from the improved automated results and enhanced editing functions inside Postflight Terra 3D 4.0:

Sharper automated results
Postflight Terra 3D 4.0 includes an improved DSM/orthomosaic generation engine, which generates sharper results, such as finer corners and building edges, than ever before. This means that when processing a senseFly drone’s data in Postflight Terra 3D 4.0 there is minimal need for manual orthomosaic optimisation and clean-up.

Live fine-tuning
However for users who require orthomosaic perfection, Postflight Terra 4.0 features a completely re-engineered Mosaic Editor. This tool’s new WYSIWYG functionality updates orthomosaic changes live—no more blending versions required—making the removal of any minor artefacts, or entire objects such as cars, simpler than ever. The Mosaic Editor also now supports 12- and 16-bit imagery.

Two software programs are included as standard with every senseFly drone: eMotion (flight planning & control) and Postflight Terra 3D (photogrammetry). These programs include multi-computer licenses, free regular updates and lifetime senseFly support.

Watch senseFly HQ in 3D – Mapped by an eXom drone:

About senseFly
At senseFly we develop and produce aerial imaging drones for professional applications. Safe, ultra-light and easy to use, these highly automated data collection tools are employed by customers around the world in fields such as surveying, agriculture, GIS, industrial inspection, mining and humanitarian aid. senseFly was founded in 2009 by a team of robotics researchers and quickly became the industry leader in mapping drones. Today we continue to lead the way in developing situationally aware systems that help professionals make better decisions. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook. senseFly is a Parrot company and a member of the Small UAV Coalition.