Softree Optimal Released

September 16, 2015 – Today Softree Technical Systems Inc. of Vancouver British Columbia announced the release of Softree Optimal, a new technology for automating vertical alignment in corridor design.

Using sophisticated mathematical techniques, Softree Optimal automatically determines the best (lowest cost) vertical position of a road (or pipeline, railway etc.). It considers constraints such as grades, curvature, detailed cross section configuration, and horizontal alignment. This new technology was developed in collaboration with the University of British Columbia.

"To a certain extent this technology takes the ‘art’ out of alignment design,” reports company principal David Mills, PEng, “It allows engineers to quantitatively compare designs. This is really a big step forward for civil designers. By removing tedious iterations, designers can focus on producing better, lower cost designs."

The released version is currently hosted in RoadEng®, Softree’s engineering software, but this optimization technology is independent of design software. Softree is currently working on direct interfaces to Civil 3D® and 12d® Model civil design packages. This will allow companies to take advantage of this technology without changing work flows.

About Softree
Softree has been providing innovative software solutions for 3D mapping and road design for more than 25 years. In 1991 the company released the first RoadEng Forest Engineer, a resource road design software package. RoadEng was the first road design software on the market to provide real-time update of plan, profile, cross section, volumes and mass haul. Since then, the company has worked to extend the product’s functions while maintaining simplicity and ease of use. Softree’s civil products are now used by more than 1000 companies in North America and internationally. Softree is also a registered Autodesk Developer.
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