Trimble Demonstrates Comprehensive Geospatial Workflows at INTERGEO 2015

Solutions with Optimal Accuracy and Greater Productivity for Geospatial Professionals

Stuttgart, Germany, Sept. 15, 2015—Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB) announced today it will demonstrate its comprehensive portfolio of Geospatial solutions at INTERGEO 2015. Trimble’s portfolio of aerial imaging, mass and point data capture, GIS mapping and terrestrial imaging tools enable surveying, engineering and mapping professionals to streamline operations and make efficient decisions. These demonstrations will include ways to save time, reduce costs and streamline workflows by deploying intuitive and accurate Geospatial hardware and software solutions. Highlights include the new Trimble® ZX5 multirotor and UX5 HP fixed-wing unmanned aircraft systems (UAS); the Trimble MX7 mobile imaging system; new versions of Trimble Business Center, eCognition®, Inpho® UASMaster, RealWorks® and Trident software, and application examples demonstrating the integration of multi-sensor data.

The announcement was made today at INTERGEO 2015, the world’s largest conference on geodesy, geoinformatics and land management.

“Trimble’s Geospatial solutions are specifically designed to create a streamlined and efficient process across the data value chain, from the boots on the ground to the decision-makers in the back office,” said Ron Bisio, general manager of Survey and Geospatial at Trimble. “Our ultimate vision is to provide our customers with the most useful tools across our core industries, which includes the continued development of our powerful software solutions to pair with our industry leading hardware.”

The highlighted range of Geospatial solutions include:
UAS Imaging Solutions

A full portfolio of UAS hardware and imaging software—the Trimble ZX5, UX5 HP, Trimble Business Center (TBC) 3.60 and UASMaster 7.0—provides highly accurate aerial data synthesis to support a wide range of UAS applications. The fixed-wing Trimble UX5 HP is a fully automated, high-precision system capable of capturing aerial photography with resolutions down to 1 cm with its 36 megapixel full-frame high-resolution camera. To support a broad range of UAS applications, it can be customized with different camera and lens. Trimble’s ZX5 Multirotor captures and processes geo-referenced photo and video data for mapping, volumetric and inspection applications. The ZX5 complements the Trimble UX5 fixed-wing system with the ability to reach smaller, remote environments faster, while providing accurate mapping data. ZX5 Multirotor users can generate image orientation with a single click with UASMaster 7.0, which can calibrate highly accurate results in situations with limited positional information or un-calibrated cameras. Trimble Business Center 3.60 integrates data from multiple instrument types, maximizing project efficiency by enabling field-to-finish capabilities including computer aided drafting (CAD), volumetrics and reporting.

To see live demonstrations of the Trimble ZX5 Multirotor UAS at INTERGEO, visit the “Flight Zone Demonstrations Area” (adjacent to Hall 8) at the following times:

• Tuesday (09/15/2015) – 10:00 am – 10:30 am CEST
• Wednesday (09/16/2015) – 10:00 am – 10:30 am CEST
• Thursday (09/17/2015) – 3:30 pm – 4:00 pm CEST

Laser Scanning Solutions
Trimble continues to blend powerful 3D laser scanning and imaging hardware with deliverable-based software to drive new efficiencies for survey applications and construction planning and design. The Trimble TX8 3D laser scanner now offers greater accuracy (down to 1 mm) and streamlined onboard operation when measuring to longer ranges, decreasing the field time required for capturing reliable high-accuracy data.

The new Trimble RealWorks 10.0 software includes an improved user interface with a simplified menu structure and guided workflow that allows users to easily generate deliverables. A new automated, one-button push targetless registration simplifies the process to combine multiple scans while new classification tools introduce greater flexibility and automation for customers processing and delivering point cloud based results. These upgrades are designed to enable Trimble customers to perform more intuitive, integrated workflows that deliver high-quality results.

Mobile Data Capture & Mapping Solutions
The new Trimble MX7 showcases the latest advances in mobile mapping and imaging technology. The MX7 mounts easily on a variety of vehicles of all sizes and includes an embedded computer, which is operated by a touchscreen tablet using Wi-Fi technology to connect to the instrument. Representing a new generation of affordable mobile mapping systems, the Trimble MX7 captures 360 degree fully-direct georeferenced imagery using an industry-leading spherical camera and GNSS/INS technology. MX7 imagery is calibrated for high-accuracy terrestrial photogrammetry, allowing users to position, measure, annotate and extract information that enables faster and smarter decision making. Multiple MX7 pilot customers are using the system for a variety of applications, including construction, survey, asset management, rail, civil transport, mining, oil and gas, site documentation, workforce training, city planning and 3D visualization.

The new Trimble Trident 7.2 software provides a comprehensive set of capabilities to extract information from mobile imagery and point cloud data for both engineering and mapping applications. An upgraded snipping and image annotation tool enables Trimble MX users to easily cut specific portions of 360 degree images for rich GIS attribution. Improved sign recognition tools allow manual classification using rich data libraries. New automated batch processing eliminates time consuming manual interaction and monitoring, freeing users to be productive on other project-related tasks. The combination of Trimble MX hardware and Trident software allows geospatial professionals to quickly collect, process and extract valuable information for effective decision making.

The Trimble ZX5 Multirotor, Trimble UASMaster 7.0, Trimble Business Center 3.60, Inpho 7.0, Trident 7.2, Trimble TX8 and Trimble RealWorks 10.0 are available now through Trimble’s Geospatial Distribution Channel. The Trimble UX5 HP and Trimble MX7 are expected to be available in the fourth quarter of 2015.

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