Gexcel Announces Free LineUp Notes App Availability at the Apple Store

Stuttgart (Intergeo), Germany — September 17, 2015 — Gexcel announce the upgrade of the LineUp Notes App available for free in the Apple Store. LineUp Notes support your static LIDAR surveying using an iPad device. No more paper and printed maps to take memory of your surveying work, to remember the positions where you made your scans or where you placed the targets. At the end of your work you can transfer your notes and your sketch in JRC 3D Reconstructor® where you can run the LineUp Pro tool so to align without using targets and fully automatically your 3D scans.

The alignment of 3D scans is not more a problem. Download your LineUp Notes from the Apple Store and test it.

How Does it work?
LineUp® Notes delivers excellent support to survey activities with laser scanners; moreover it drastically speeds up the point clouds registration and geo-referencing.

Instead of moving on your site with the old style block notes, paper, pens, printed projects, etc; just import the plan views of your site in your LineUp® Notes and use your iPad to note the scanning and targets positions related to a plan view (using fixed or approximate coordinates values).

Note: LineUp Pro is a software tool available as option in the JRC 3D Reconstructor® software packages

About Gexcel
Gexcel was founded in 2007 as a spin off company of the University of Brescia (Italy), and its main software product, JRC 3D Reconstructor, is a worldwide well know solution to manage LIDAR data able to read all the main LIDAR formats. Gexcel is involved on developing outstanding software and solutions to make the LIDAR surveying work more and more productive and easy. Gexcel is privately-held and headquartered in Italy.