Septentrio Announces the AsteRx-U, an All-In-One Receiver with UHF, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and More

A special marine variant, the AsteRx-U Marine, can mitigate Iridium and INMARSAT uplink interference and has other features for marine survey and construction users.

Leuven, Belgium – 14 September – Septentrio announces today the launch of two successors to the highly successfully APS-U. The AsteRx-U and the AsteRx-U Marine are multi-constellation dual antenna receivers which incorporate the latest GNSS tracking and positioning algorithms and interference mitigation. Machine control users in the agricultural and construction industries as well as users in marine and mining industries benefit from a complete system with integrated UHF radio, Wi-Fi, USB, Bluetooth and cellular connectivity and a spectrum analyzer. All configurations can be done via the on-board web interface.

The AsteRx-U and AsteRx-U Marine feature a full range of positioning techniques and algorithms to ensure that you have the highest accuracy and reliability. The spectrum analyzer enables users to visualize the RF spectrum. Based on its extensive experience with real-life interference sources and their mitigation, Septentrio has developed interference mitigation technology that counteracts various kinds of ambient intentional and unintentional RF interference automatically.

The AsteRx-U family of receivers is built around Septentrio’s latest ASIC, GReCo4, which was introduced in 2014. It incorporates built-in jamming detection and countermeasures, multi-path rejection, fast acquisition, and other advanced features. Both receivers have over 500 hardware channels to track all available constellations (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, Beidou, IRNSS and QZSS) and feature many algorithms: LOCK+ technology to maintain tracking during heavy vibration machine use and IONO+ technology to assure the accuracy of the position even in regions of elevated ionospheric activity.

The AsteRx-U has decimeter and centimeter level RTK positioning including TerraStar; the AsteRx-U Marine supports additionally VERIPOS PPP augmentation services. It includes extra anti-jamming technology to counter Iridium and INMARSAT-uplink interference, as well as an extra antenna connector for a dedicated L-band antenna to optimize L-band reception at high latitudes.

Straightforward to setup and integrate with existing systems, the AsteRx-U and AsteRx-U Marine uses any device with a web browser to facilitate usability and configuration for the user.

Jan Leyssens, Septentrio Product Manager stated: “We want to make it easy for our customers to use high accuracy positioning in their work. Using the integrated communication functionality in the compact and portable AsteRx-U, users won’t have to worry about adding their own modems or UHF radios to get access to corrections”. He continued: “The receiver web interface is available wirelessly on any mobile device. It was designed together with several of our key customers, resulting in an interface that is not only easy to use by field operators, but also provides many useful troubleshooting tools, such as the spectrum analyzer, to solve problems in the field and minimize downtime. ”

The AsteRx-U will be presented to the public for the first time at ION GNSS+ – taking place in Tampa Florida – and InterGEO 2015 – taking place in Stuttgart, Germany – during this week from 14-18 September.

About Septentrio
Septentrio designs, manufactures and sells high-precision multi frequency multi constellation GPS/GNSS equipment which is used in demanding applications in a variety of industries such as marine, construction, agriculture, survey and mapping, GIS, UAVs as well as other industries. Septentrio receivers deliver consistently accurate GNSS positions scalable to cm-level, and perform solidly even under heavy scintillation or jamming. Septentrio receivers are available as OEM boards, housed receivers and smart antennas. Septentrio offers in-depth application and integration support to make its customers win in their markets. Septentrio is headquartered in Leuven, Belgium and has offices in Torrance, CA and Hong Kong, and partners throughout the world. To learn more about Septentrio and its products, visit