Esri Startup Antris Launches Lone-Worker Safety Solution

Cloud application enables real-time mapping of field workers, mobile check-in and automated emergency alerts for increased worker safety

London, ON – September 14, 2015 – Antris, one of the first Canadian companies to join the Esri Startup Program, has launched AntrisPRO, a cloud application that helps organizations increase the safety of travelling, work-alone and at-risk employees. The application uses ArcGIS, Esri’s leading geographic information system (GIS) platform, to enable real-time mapping updates of employee locations. Antris allows workers to check in through their mobile devices and sends automated notifications to supervisors when workers may be at risk. 

“People are an organization’s greatest asset. Whether they work around the community or out in remote areas, employers need to ensure that their employees are safe,” said Kaila Beattie, president, Antris. “With AntrisPRO, we’ve combined the best geospatial, Web and communication technologies to provide an affordable lone-worker safety solution that’s significantly more effective than recording trip plans on paper.” 

Efficient trip planning and automated notifications
Before conducting field work, employees enter their trip plans into the AntrisPRO Web site or mobile application. AntrisPRO features a Web map on which workers can plot a series of locations along their route with expected arrival times that serve as checkpoints. When an employee does not check in via text message at a checkpoint, the application automatically executes a multi-step reminder and alert process that contacts the employee via text, e-mail and phone call to confirm their safety. If the worker does not respond, their manager receives an alert via e-mail and as a text message with their trip plan so that the information can be quickly forwarded to emergency responders if needed. AntrisPRO stores valuable data about each field worker including their trip history, vehicle information, medical conditions and allergies to enable rapid emergency response.

Comprehensive, real-time view of worker locations
AntrisPRO includes TracDash, a centralized dashboard for managers that features a live Web map of workers’ locations, as well as their trip progress. Through the dashboard, managers can generate customized reports and analyze individual and group workflows to effectively deploy resources.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of London and Area uses AntrisPRO to support their operations and serve a large community of almost 3,000 square kms. Jessie Rodger, their manager of Service Delivery, says: “We’ve previously grappled with how best to ensure our safety during travel and encounters with the public. Antris provides an instant snapshot of where our team is, when they’re due back and most importantly, if they’re in need of support. Our work with Antris gives our team the confidence and security that’s essential in delivering our mission.” 

Affordable, reliable and easy to deploy
Unlike other field worker safety solutions that require an investment in special devices, Antris communicates with commonly used mobile devices including smartphones and cellphones, laptop and tablet computers, satellite phones and GPS messengers. Since it’s a cloud-based solution, software installation costs are eliminated. As well, the application integrates with ArcGIS Online to ensure that basemaps are always accurate and up to date.

Backed by proven technology
AntrisPRO was developed through the Esri Startup Program, a free three-year program that gives emerging businesses the tools to build mapping and location analytics capabilities into their products. Qualifying startups receive online services, software, training and support, content and other opportunities to help them succeed.

“The Esri Startup Program has allowed us to enhance AntrisPRO with the world’s leading GIS technology,” noted Ms. Beattie. “Using Esri’s vast partner network, we’ve also been able to connect with key leaders in our target industries. The program has helped us set a foundation for relationships and connections that we would not have otherwise been able to make on our own.”

“Antris demonstrates the power of GIS in providing real-time mapping capabilities,” said Alex Miller, president, Esri Canada. “We’re proud that our partnership with Antris has resulted in an innovative application that can significantly mitigate risk for millions of remote workers in industries such as oil and gas, forestry, utilities and social services.” 

Antris is available to organizations on a monthly subscription. The application can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, and is currently free for individual users. Watch AntrisPRO in action through this video. 

About Antris
Headquartered in London, Ontario, Antris provides a safety solution designed to protect individuals who live demanding lifestyles and organizations with teams of work-­alone employees. The Antris solution communicates with mobile phones and GPS devices to monitor the user’s safety and automatically notifies the necessary people of a user’s trip progress. More information is available at Follow Antris on Twitter: @TeamAntris.

About Esri Canada
Founded in 1984, Esri Canada provides enterprise geographic information system (GIS) solutions that empower businesses, governments and educational institutions to make timely, informed and mission-critical decisions by leveraging the power of geography.  The company distributes the world’s leading GIS software from Esri, Schneider Electric, Cityworks–Azteca Systems, Inc. and other technology partners.  Headquartered in Toronto, the company serves over 10,000 customers from 16 regional offices across Canada.  Esri Canada has joined the elite rank of Canada’s Best Managed companies and has been named to the Branham300.  Information about the company can be found at Follow Esri Canada on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn.