55th Meeting of the Civil GPS Service Interface Committee (CGSIC)

Final preparations are being made to conduct the 55th Meeting of the Civil GPS Service Interface Committee (CGSIC) next week, September 14-15, 2015, at the Tampa Convention Center in Tampa, Florida in conjunction with the Institute Of Navigation’s Global Navigation Satellite System conference (ION GNSS+ 2015). 

All CGSIC meetings are free and open at no charge to the public, but attendees pay their own travel, hotel and meal expenses.  To register for this year’s CGSIC meetings, visit the ION link (https://www.ion.org/gnss/registration.cfm), and select "Register Online."  Once you create an ION account, which is necessary to gather information for badging, choose "I am Registering Myself."  Choose "Registration Type" from the blue banner across the top and then scroll down to the bottom of the next page to "View Other Options." At the bottom of the next page you will find "Select" for "CGSIC Only" and then complete the registration.  If you are registering and paying to attend the ION Conference, CGSIC registration will be included and nothing else is required.  I urge you to participate in this meeting for important updates from GPS program officials and to learn about the broad array of GPS-based applications that are available to you. 

The draft agenda can be seen on the GPS.gov website at http://www.gps.gov/cgsic/meetings . If you have any new suggestions for discussion, please contact us via our Navigation Center "contact us" form http://www.navcen.uscg.gov/?pageName=contactUs.  Please be sure to select "Civil GPS Service Interface Committee (CGSIC)" from the pull-down menu or just send your comments to the Executive Secretariat by e-mail to rick.hamilton@uscg.mil.