News from Africa: Survey Land to Avert Squatting

The Mkuu Small Town Authority in Rombo District has been directed to start surveying and mapping its area to avert squatting.

Kilimanjaro Regional Commissioner (RC), Mr Leonidas Gama ordered the town authority here recently to make sure procedures are in accordance with the law of the land.

Mr Gama issued the directive while inaugurating the small town’s council at Mkuu, emphasising the need to make public the map so that everybody is aware of it.

The RC further ordered the town executives to make continuous tour of the area so that every building process adheres to what the law and rules stipulate.

Mkuu was elevated to a small town status recently and Mr Gama said it is a step ahead in development, calling upon the leaders to make sure they develop the settings.

The RC allayed fears from a section of citizens who thought elevating the area into a small town meant their land would be confiscated. He said politicians who did not wish well the government and the people are the ones who were concocting and spreading the unfounded rumors.

“May I take this opportunity to make you aware that now Mkuu is a small town authority already and procedures leading to surveying and mapping as well as construction will start soon.

“I urge you not to be bothered by rumors being spread by some politicians and people with no good will that land surveying is meant to take land from you,” he said.

Mr Gama noted that the survey is pertinent, as it would avert unnecessary land conflicts but also will pave way for owners of land to access credits from financial institutions for their development.

The RC advised the town authority to seek credit opportunities from banks, social security funds or other financial institutions in order to put up the necessary infrastructures.

As a small town, the authority has to put in place facilities for health, education, public office and homes, but also map out areas for houses of worship.