LeddarTech Introduces LeddarCore Sensor ICs for High-Volume Applications

Quebec City, Canada, June 10, 2015 – LeddarTech today announced the upcoming launch of LeddarCore™, a new line of sensor ICs designed to offer unmatched integration capabilities for the development and production of high-volume applications.

LeddarCore is intended to give integrators and OEMs the flexibility to develop fully optimized sensor solutions or systems perfectly adapted to their specific applications. Combining LeddarCore with a photodetector, a pulsed light source and optical elements will allow innovators to develop new applications with stringent requirements, such as high reliability, small footprint, cost-effectiveness, low power consumption and robustness. Powered by Leddar’s unique signal processing, LeddarCore aims at delivering a new level of performance at a lower cost than currently available alternatives.
The proprietary Leddar technology enables high-efficiency optical detection and ranging devices.  Sensors incorporating LeddarCore will benefit from three unique advantages:
• High sensitivity, enabling the detection of objects reflecting a very weak light signal, and providing superior range-to-power ratio for consistent performance over both short and long range;
• Immunity to noise and lighting conditions, for robust detection capabilities in harsh or changing environments and in low visibility situations;
• Powerful signal processing, delivering rapid and accurate measurements of multiple targets simultaneously as well as greater spatial awareness within the sensor’s field of view.
“Our LeddarCore offering arrives at a perfect time as needs for sensors are exploding exponentially, from smart homes to smart cities, from drones to cars, and from dedicated industrial applications to the Internet of Things (IoT). Packaging our highly-effective Leddar technology in an IC format opens up a whole new world of possibilities and provides our clients with optimal flexibility in terms of design as well as manufacturability.” explained Charles Boulanger, CEO at LeddarTech.

“Today’s developers, system integrators and OEMs yearn for highly-adaptable sensing devices like LeddarCore,” said Sonia Bélanger, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing at LeddarTech. “We foresee a big demand for large volumes of sensor cores to supply the next industrial revolution in which smart applications will be key. Estimates of the number of interconnected devices from the advent of Internet of Things applications never cease to rise, making innovations like LeddarCore as relevant as they can get.” she adds.

Offered in single- or multiple-photodetector element configurations, LeddarCore comes with development tools, including an evaluation board, reference design, sample code, and signal processing libraries.  Software tools and documentation are also provided to facilitate configuration, tuning and calibration. With the small size and weight of a chipset and all the advantages of the Leddar sensing technology, LeddarCore sets the standard for the next generation of optical time-of-flight detection and ranging based solutions. LeddarTech plans to ship the first LeddarCore units in Q4 2015.
About LeddarTech
LeddarTech is the world’s only supplier of advanced detection and ranging solutions based on patented, leading-edge sensing technology that performs time-of-flight measurement using light pulses processed through innovative algorithms, thus detecting a wide range of objects under various environmental conditions. LeddarTech is highly adaptable, serves multiple markets and comes in different forms, from ICs to modules, providing brand owners and OEMs with a solution optimized for their applications while ensuring quick and simple integration. For more information, please visit www.leddartech.com