SBG Systems Selects Septentrio’s AsteRx4 GNSS Receiver

To be used in SBG’s highly accurate Apogee product line of MEMS-based inertial navigation systems

April 15, 2014 – Southampton, UK—Septentrio and SBG Systems jointly announce today at Ocean Business (OB) 2015 that SBG Systems, a leading manufacturer of miniature and accurate Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) has selected the Septentrio AsteRx4 OEM GNSS receiver to equip the Apogee product line thanks to its unmatched level of performance and versatility.

The Apogee is a new product line of highly accurate inertial navigation systems based on robust and cost-effective MEMS technology. The INS/GNSS solution combines the latest generation of MEMS sensors and the OEM version of the AsteRx4, a newly introduced high-precision GNSS receiver from Septentrio. The Apogee series is especially suited for applications such as hydrography, mobile mapping and aerial survey where survey-grade attitude and positioning measurements are required.

The AsteRx4 OEM is a multi-frequency and multi-constellation dual antenna receiver that incorporates the latest innovative GNSS tracking and positioning algorithms from Septentrio. The AsteRx4 delivers the highest possible accuracy, scalable to a centimeter while integrating the entire suite of acclaimed GNSS+ algorithms proposed by Septentrio to maintain tracking during heavy vibration of machines, to assure position accuracy even under difficult ionosphere conditions and to mitigate or reject intentional or unintentional interference with GNSS signals.

“The compact design and the practical and well-designed interface of the AsteRx4 allowed a seamless and an easy integration into our solutions” said Raphaël Siryani, Chief Marketing & Sales Officer of SBG Systems. “The AsteRx4 largely contributes to the robust and accurate heading as well as the reduced power consumption of the INS/GNSS Apogee products”.
“We are delighted that SBG Systems — a respected specialist in designing INS/GNSS — endorses our newly released GNSS receiver for its performance,” commented, Laurent Le Thuaut, Business Development Manager at Septentrio. “The SBG products are recognized amongst the preferred choice for accurate MEMS-based INS and we are extremely proud that our technology is included in their top of the line.”

Both the AsteRx4 OEM receiver and the Apogee INS/GNSS are on display at booth W40 (Septentrio) and booth E5c (SBG SYSTEMS) respectively during Ocean Business on 14-16 April 2015 in Southampton, UK.

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