TerraGo Edge v3.5 Delivers Survey Grade Precision for Field Workers and Data Management Tools for the GIS Department

TerraGo has just released version 3.5 of TerraGo Edge.
For field operations, the latest version of the TerraGo Edge app directly integrates with GPS/GNSS receivers to give mobile users dynamic monitoring and capture of high-precision GPS data on iOS and Android devices. For GIS departments, TerraGo Edge gives them the ability to define minimum GPS accuracy standards and then tools to monitor, QC and upload the data to the GIS system of record.
New features in version 3.5 include:
• Sub-meter and cm-level precision with SXBlue and EOS GPS receivers for Android (iOS May 2015)
• Full integration for Bad Elf GPS receivers on Android and iOS
• GPS accuracy settings for GIS standards, data capture thresholds and field user warnings
• Shapefile import and export added to growing list of GIS data interface options and formats
• Updated user interface for rapid and easier field data collection

Learn more about the latest features in this Quick Hit Video:

Try TerraGo Edge v3.5 by downloading the iOS or Android App.

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