Complementary Positioning, Navigation, and Timing Capability; Notice; Request for Public Comments

The Department of Transportation has released a Federal Register Notice Request for Public Comments. The purpose of this notice is to seek comment from the public and industry regarding potential plans by the United States Government to implement an enhanced Long Range Navigation (eLoran) system as a complementary positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT) capability to the Global Positioning System (GPS). The positioning, navigation, and timing performance of eLoran will vary widely depending on the number of transmitters and monitor sites for corrections that are implemented. Comments are requested on or before May 22, 2015.

The Department of Transportation seeks input on: (a) A brief description of your application(s) of positioning, navigation, and timing services; (b) the positioning, navigation, and/or timing performance required for a complementary PNT capability to support operations during a disruption of GPS that could last for longer than a day, (c) availability and coverage area required for a complementary PNT capability, (d) willingness to equip with an eLoran receiver to reduce or prevent operational and/or economic consequences from a GPS disruption, (e) current and planned availability of e-Loran capable user equipment, (f) other non-eLoran PNT technologies or operational procedures, currently available or planned, that could be used during a disruption of GPS for longer than a day.

For further information and to submit a formal comment, please visit the following website: