Table of Contents – The American Surveyor – Vol.12, No.3 2015

Watcher on the Wall
By Marc Cheves, PS
Open Letter: Regarding NCEES and Survey Licensing
Well-known Missouri educator, former board member and exam question writer weighs in.
By Richard Elgin, PHD, PS, PE
Vantage Point: When Flooding Leads to Creativity
“Resist, Delay, Store, Discharge” is a new green approach to reducing stormwater runoff.
By Wendy Lathrop, PS, CFM
The Curt Brown Chronicles: Similarity of New Zealand and United States Laws
In New Zealand, as in the United States, proportional measurement is a rule of last resort.
Compiled by Michael J. Pallamary, PS
One-Room Schools, Aerial Photos, & Hokey Pokey Surveys
Part 5—Inverse to a Line or Perpendicular Offset The author uses scanning technology to re-establish a PLSS corner where it originally was.
By Chad & Linda Erickson
Recent Activities at the National Geodetic Survey—Part 3 of 4
In this installment, the authors discuss updating NGS 58 and NGS 59, GPS On Bench Marks Campaign, datum transformation tools, and the NGS Data Explorer.
By Dr. Dru Smith, Dr. Gerald Mader, Brian Shaw and Christine Gallagher
The U.S. Supreme Court Introduces Confusion and Conflict in Boundary Law
A recent decision establishing the California coastal boundary was based on GIS values of questionable accuracy and provenance.
By Michael J. Pallamary, PS
Tunnel Vision: Excavating Subsea Roadways with Rugged Technology
Using rugged mobile technology to ensure a reliable, safe and efficient excavation process.
By Brynna King
Geodetic Preppers: Surviving the Next OPUS Disaster
With the ever-present threat of another government shutdown, here are words to the wise.
By Mark Silver
HP35s Calculator, a Field Surveyor’s Companion: Part 6—Curve Traverse
The logic for this installment relies on occupying the curve PC to perform stakeout.
By Jason E. Foose, PS
Open Letter: NCEES Response to Fire Alarm editorial
By David H. Widmer, PS