Altus to Showcase Next-Generation GNSS RTK Receiver with MicroSurvey Layout Software at World of Concrete 2015

See Demonstrations of the Latest GNSS Tools for Surveying, GIS and Construction Site Layout in Outdoor Booth 032025

Torrance, Calif., Jan. 30, 2015 – Altus Positioning Systems, a Septentrio company, will spotlight its next-generation APS-NR2 GNSS RTK receiver coupled with MicroSurvey Layout 2 software for construction layout professionals at World of Concrete 2015 in Las Vegas next week.

The APS-NR2, introduced by Altus last year, is a feature-rich RTK rover designed to minimize downtime and optimize productivity in the field. It is built around a low-power 132-channel GPS/GLONASS L1/L2/L2C/SBAS receiver, which provides robust RTK performance under the most difficult conditions. The lightweight instrument weighs just 0.76 kg (1.67 lbs.). It features an on-board Web interface that is easily accessed via Wi-Fi from any browser or device for easy wireless configuration and status monitoring. Real-time data is streamed via integrated Bluetooth for true cable-free operation. It works with virtually any RTK network. The unit’s dual internal cellular antennae ensure positive signal lock, with automatic reconnect to minimize disruption in the event of a dropped connection. The two Li-ion batteries are hot-swappable to allow uninterrupted productivity on the job, and the built-in battery charger can be connected to any USB port.

MicroSurvey Layout is a simple-to-use locating program designed specifically for construction layout and MEP professionals. It provides all the tools needed to lay out points accurately and easily, and also includes an as-built mode for easy measuring of existing points on a job or pickup points needed for earthwork quantities. MicroSurvey announced its upgraded Layout 2 package in September 2014, offering a number of improvements to streamline existing workflows and improve productivity. The redesigned layout routine provides significantly improved graphics and workflows. In addition to the traditional map view, the user can now choose compass view or grid view, different viewing directions to suit individual preferences, and a new “Next Point” routine making it easier and faster to select the next point to capture.

“Together, the Altus APS-NR2 and MicroSurvey Layout software provide an unbeatable combination of high accuracy, reliable field performance, ease of operation and flexibility to perform a wide range of layout operations,” said Altus CEO Neil Vancans.

Altus will demonstrate its full family of GNSS RTK receivers for construction, machine control, GIS and surveying applications, as well as the new Entegra Crossfire Pro rugged laptop, in Outdoor Booth 032025 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Feb. 3-6.

World of Concrete is the premier annual international event dedicated to the commercial concrete and masonry construction industries. It attracts approximately 1,300 exhibitors and occupies more than 500,000 sq. ft. of indoor and outdoor space.

About Altus Positioning Systems
Founded in 2006, Altus Positioning Systems provides high-precision GNSS surveying equipment through an international network of sales representatives in key countries around the world. Based in Torrance, Calif., Altus is a part of the Septentrio group of companies and has primary responsibility for positioning systems in the surveying and GIS business sectors. For more information, visit