Amberg Announces New Control Office Software and Amberg Applications On-Board Software for Leica Viva/Nova


 January 12th, 2015


We are pleased to introduce to you:


Product Releases:

Amberg Control & Amberg Applications


The NEW Amberg Control office software and the NEW Amberg Applications on-board software for Leica Viva/Nova instruments are from today on available to download from our homepage. The new office generation for profile analysis is able to transform the measurements from total stations into meaningful reports tailored to meet your needs with ease. 


Watch our new animation movie




Animation of Profile Measurement with Amberg Applications, Amberg Navigator and Amberg Control. To watch the full Amberg Tunnel animation movie, click here


Analysis has never been so easy! Benefits of Amberg Control:


Visualisation of the results in 3D – for fast interpretation


Independency of instrumet thanks to a flexible interface   


Fully integrated workflow – to Amberg Navigator & Applications

Tailored for your needs save up to 50% of your time for   analysis



Amberg Control marketing collateral 

Have a look at the brochure and the datasheet in our download section for a clear overview of the most important facts and data. Find out more here about this new product Amberg Control and its advantages and application possibilities in the areas of your tunnel projects.


3D visualisation of profile measurement with Amberg Control


Amberg Applications –
The 6th generation of the Leica on-board solution

Amberg Applications includes the two modules Amberg SetOut and Amberg ProScan plus. Both modules stands out with a complete 3D calculation and work with design data from Amberg Tunnel.


Amberg Applications on Leica MS50 instrument


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