Intuicom Unveils New RTK Bridge-X Bluetooth Receiver

Enables Wireless RTK Corrections for Precision Agriculture and Machine Control Applications

Boulder, CO, USA – (December 22, 2014) – Intuicom, Incorporated, a premier supplier of wireless data solutions and pioneer of wireless connectivity for the survey, machine control, and precision agriculture industry, announced today the release of the Intuicom RTK Bridge-X Bluetooth Receiver. Engineered exclusively to complement the extensive communication capabilities of the RTK Bridge-X, the RTK Bridge-X Bluetooth Receiver lets precision agriculture and machine control users avoid the time-consuming process of running cumbersome cables to their various implements and guidance systems. Supporting industry-leading precision guidance systems including Trimble, Topcon, and AgLeader, the RTK Bridge-X Bluetooth Receiver is simple to deploy and even easier to use.
“As farmers look for ways to increase their effectiveness and access to information, the RTK Bridge-X is quickly establishing itself as the premier enabler for precision agriculture professionals,” says Tom Foley, president and CEO of Intuicom, Inc. “The RTK Bridge-X provides seamless access to network RTK corrections coupled with data accessibility options previously unobtainable from a single device. Combined with our new RTK Bridge-X Bluetooth Receiver, users can leverage this wireless convenience with a wide array of precision guidance systems.”
The RTK Bridge-X Bluetooth Receiver is available for purchase through any Intuicom Authorized Reseller. Additional information can be obtained at

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