Disy Information Systems Draws Positive Reaction at Intergeo

"Best INTERGEO ever"

Karlsruhe, 4 th December 2014 – The attractive fair location Berlin, professional visitors from Germany and abroad, effective dialogues with customers, numerous enquiries from potential customers outside the classic GIS industry and the positive feedback received on the Cadenza product family and GIS 2go for offline GIS on tablets – it all made this year’s geoinfor-matics trade fair INTERGEO the best one in Disy’s history.

"It was the best INTERGEO in the history of Disy", says Dr. Wassilios Kazakos, Head of Business Development and Marketing at Disy Informationssysteme GmbH, about his experience during the three-day event that took place in Berlin from 7-9 October 2014. "Berlin is a popular trade fair location that was able to attract many professional visitors from Germany and abroad. We immediately noticed the draw of the fair through the intensive dialogues we were able to hold with potential customers, some of who came from outside of the traditional GIS industry. During these spontaneous conversations, as well as during our fixed customer meetings, the feedback we received on the entire Cadenza product family and GIS 2go was positive in every respect", summarizes Dr. Wassilios Kazakos. We primarily discussed the new features of the GIS 2go and of the GIS and Reporting Platform Cadenza, the different types of access for different user groups and how we can help implement project requirements more efficiently. The conversations we had confirmed that the market is now primed for Disy’s products.

Seamless, media-consistent access
The practical presentation given by the German State Agency for Spatial Information and Rural Development Baden-Württemberg (LGL) at Disy’s stand was especially well received by the INTERGEO visitors. Thomas Fraißl (LGL) introduced the MILAN project to colleagues and the trade press. MILAN is a system developed for methodical, graphical information processing in rural development. It is based on Disy’s software GIS 2go and Cadenza Professional. By adding the mobile GIS app Cadenza Mobile GIS 2go, employees can research and edit data offline, while in the field. This allows LGL to create its maps, from field notes to the digital map, in a single, seamless and media-consistent process.

Disy’s latest product GIS2go was additionaly able to reap much international attention. It is the first GIS app worldwide that allows users to take their own maps from ArcGIS Desktop with them on a tablet for offline use. The app won many friends thanks to its being very user friendly.

We’ll be back next year
And because after the fair always means before the next fair, Disy has already reserved 15-17 September for the INTERGEO 2015 which will take place in Stuttgart. "We will certainly be back next year", announced Dr. Wassilios Kazakos.

Further information
• Disy on the internet: www.disy.net
• GIS 2go – Take ArcGIS maps offline with you on a tablet: www.gis2go.com
• Official INTERGEO website: www.intergeo.de

About Disy Informationssysteme GmbH:
Disy Informationssysteme GmbH is an independent provider of software and consulting services with headquarters in Karlsruhe. Disy products and solutions are based on innovative ideas and cutting-edge technologies. Clients appreciate Disy’s range of software products and their partnership approach in terms of practice- and user-driven application development. The company was founded in 1997. Since then, it has grown to 50 employees. Since the beginning, Disy has focused on systems which closely interlink GIS and reporting. This is what makes Disy so unique. Clients use the spatial reporting platform Cadenza to integrate information from different spatial and attribute databases, and to analyse it and create reports. The wide range of products is completed by software for geo-metadata management and the company’s own Desktop GIS. Disy products are used by public authorities at federal, regional and local level and represent the backbone of modern spatial data infrastructures.