MobileMapper 120 and Locally Developed GIS Software Win Broad Market Approval in Turkey

Ankara, November 26, 2014 — The Geomatics Group, a leading Spectra Precision distributor and GIS software developer in Turkey, is achieving excellent success marketing the Spectra Precision MobileMapper 120 handheld GIS mapping device running Mobile GIS software developed by the Geomatics Group.

Spectra Precision MobileMapper 120 uses a Windows open platform enabling it to run any Windows mobile application, including Spectra Precision applications for GIS or Survey, as well as third-party solutions that may better meet local regulations or specific customer requirements. The Geomatics Group has smartly taken advantage of the Windows open platform to develop a specific application and integrated it with the MobileMapper 120 to provide an outstanding solution for its Turkish customers.

A Geomatics Group spokesperson says that sales of the MobileMapper 120 are particularly strong in three sectors in Turkey: mapping electrical infrastructure, orthophoto survey, and mapping public land and assets. Recently, 150 units of the MobileMapper 120 with the Geomatics Mobile GIS software were sold to the Turkey General Directorate of National Property to assist in public property management. According to the spokesperson, the sub-meter accuracy of the Spectra Precision MobileMapper 120 and the Mobile GIS software’s fast and easy menu access, hierarchical database and easily modified attribute library were important features in tests conducted by the customer. In another MobileMapper 120 sale earlier this year, 48 units were sold to the Provincial Directorates of Urban Environment for use in 48 different cities.
The spokesperson underscored the extraordinary accuracy of the MobileMapper 120 that has impressed customers by reporting that one electrical grid customer who compared their ProMark 500 GNSS receiver to a MobileMapper 120, into which the Geomatics Group had installed a flying RTK option and using TUSAGA-Aktip (CORS-TR), found only a five-centimeter difference between the two receivers. When cm-level RTK is not absolutely required, the Spectra Precision MobileMapper 120 offers a very competitive performance solution.

About The Geomatics Group
Headquartered in Ankara, the fifteen-year-old Geomatics Group markets and services GNSS positioning systems, geographical information systems, solutions and integrations across a wide spectrum of industries and government agencies in Turkey. Since 2000 when the company first identified the accelerating growth of the conversion of cadastral maps to digital maps, the company has been a leader in the development of mobile data collecting software for the GIS market in Turkey. The company has received numerous awards for it leadership. In 2010, the company won the Platinum Award for best selling dealer of Ashtech GNSS products in Europe. In 2011, the company earned Spectra Precision Dealer of the Year – EMEA Region, and in 2013, it received the award for GeoInstrument’s Number One Dealer by Revenue. The Geomatics Group is ISO 9001 certified 0n 16.02.2011.

About the Spectra Precision Brand
Spectra Precision offers a complete product portfolio focusing on the needs of the mainstream surveying and construction markets. The Spectra Precision portfolio includes Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receivers, mechanical and robotic total stations, theodolites, autolevels, data collection hardware, field and office software, as well as a wide range of construction tools and accessories. Spectra Precision surveying equipment uses proven technologies to deliver value, reliability and ease-of-use to customers worldwide. The Spectra Precision brand is backed with the strong technical support that users have come to expect from a quality name in surveying and construction.