Explosive Ordnance Detection Aided by ProMark 120

Budapest, (November 14, 2014) – Bombariado, a company expert in explosive ordnance detection, clearance and disposal, has upgraded its detection capabilities with the addition of the Spectra Precision ProMark 120 GNSS system to its mobile unexploded ordnance locating equipment. The ProMark 120, which replaced a mobile GIS receiver, provides significantly more precision without a compromise in weight.

The ProMark 120 has recently been helpful healing the wounds in Hortobágy National Park on the Great Hungarian Plain in Eastern Hungry. Established in 1973, Hungary’s first national park is rich in cultural history, but it is also the repository of unexploded ordnance from its days as a bombing range for Soviet warplanes. Bombariado has found the centimeter-level accuracy of the ProMark 120 of great help in establishing the precise coordinates for detected ordnance.
According to András Koklács, a spokesperson for Bombariado, the decision to upgrade the system to the ProMark120 was fourfold. The ProMark 120 offers low weight, excellent price and performance, easy integration with the PDA, and cost free RTK corrections from the GPSCOM Ltd. base station. “The ProMark 120 delivers the real time mapping accuracy we need for the often dangerous work of detecting and mapping unexploded munitions,” said Koklács.
Bombariado’s mobile mine detection system consists of a ferrous locator, data collector, field computer, Bluetooth adapter and the ProMark 12O. The ProMark 120 achieves the desired real time accuracy that is required by receiving RTK corrections via Direct IP protocol from a ProFlex 500 base station operated by GPSCOM Ltd, a Budapest telecommunications and GNSS company and Spectra Precision dealer. The ProMark 120 sends position information via NMEA messages by cable to a Bluetooth adapter then on to the PDA, which records and displays the position and detected information.

About Bombariado
Headquartered in Budapest, Bombariado offers detection and decontamination services for unexploded ordnance on land, in boreholes and underwater to government and construction entities in Hungary and neighboring countries.

About GPSCOM, Ltd.
Headquartered in Budapest and first established in 1994, GPSCOM Ltd., is a wholly- owned Hungarian voice and data telecommunications and satellite navigation company. The company represents Spectra Precision GNSS receivers for geodetic and geospatial applications. The company is ISO 9001 certified.

About the Spectra Precision Brand
Spectra Precision is an established brand known for delivering quality products to the construction market. Focusing on the specific needs of the conventional surveying market, the Spectra Precision brand offers a complete product portfolio including Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), Global Positioning Systems (GPS), optical total stations, data collection hardware, field and office software, as well as a wide range of construction tools. Spectra Precision surveying equipment is an economical choice that utilizes technologies for optimal efficiency. With convenience and reliability as the foundation of the Spectra Precision brand, it is an ideal choice for value. The Spectra Precision brand is backed with the strong technical support that users have come to expect from a quality name in surveying and construction.