p3dsystems ProScan Supports Leica ScanStation P20 and P15 Laser Scanners for Kinematic Scanning

(Hamburg, October 1, 2014) – Today, p3d systems has officially announced that the ProScan system and p3dSW now fully support the Leica ScanStation P20 and P15 ultra-high speed laser scanners in the spectrum of their Kinematic Laser Scanning Solutions.

The full integration of Leica Geosystems ultra-high speed ScanStation P20 and P15 laser scanners into the Kinematic Laser Scanning Solutions from p3dsystems turns them into even more productive, precise 3D data capturing systems, which can be utilized for a wide variety of applications and 3D data capturing tasks. As an additional benefit of this integration, p3dSW outputs fully geo-referenced point clouds directly in *.ptg format. The advantage of this is that both Cyclone – Leica Geosystems industry standard point cloud software – and Leica CloudWorx plug-ins support fast, direct import of point clouds in *.ptg format to create a full range of deliverables.

The Kinematic Laser Scanning solutions from p3d systems add a totally new dimension to Laser Scanning. Integrating high speed static Laser Scanners, like the ScanStation P20 and P15, in a profiling mode with Inertial Measuring Systems, robotic Total Stations and GPS Receivers, allows rich 3D data capture with an unmatched combination of productivity, accuracy and flexibility. p3d’s integration with Leica Geosystems TPS and GNSS products allows users to take advantage of multiple modes and options for kinematic scanning. The Kinematic Laser Scanning solution from p3dsystems reduces the “time to results” from days to hours by scanning as the system moves through a site. p3d’s solution does not require special scan targets or office registration that sometimes accompanies static scanning. The ProScan system works indoors and outdoors and can be operated successfully after only a short introduction. The net result is typically an order-of-magnitude reduction in field and office time for capturing and preparing dense 3D data for various applications and industries.

Dr. – Ing. Harald Vennegeerts, CTO and Co-Founder of p3d systems stated: “We are excited about the successful and seamless integration of the high-performance Leica ScanStation P20 and P15 laser scanners into our Kinematic Laser Scanning solution. The resulting point clouds fully meet our expectations in terms of useful range, data quality, accuracy and reliability and the demonstrated productivity reinforces the economic potential of Kinematic Laser Scanning”.

Dr. Erwin A. Frei, CEO of p3d systems added: “We are convinced that Leica Geosystems’ ScanStation P20 and P15 customers will appreciate the added benefits and major productivity gains, which this integration offers for a vast number of different applications and tasks. Due to the added capabilities, like speed, flexibility and mobility, this combination will also open up new application fields and will put many users in a totally different competitive position”.

“We at Leica Geosystems are excited about the successful integration of a Leica ScanStation P20 into the push-cart kinematic data capturing system from p3d systems”, states Geoff Jacobs, Sr. VP Strategic Marketing, “Now our large and rapidly expanding base of ScanStation P20 (or P15) users can not only deploy these scanners for efficient, highly accurate ‘static’ as-built surveys for both large and small sites – even in the most demanding environmental conditions, but they can also be even more productive by using the same P20 or P15 in a kinematic, push-cart mode for projects that don’t require the positional accuracy of static operation. In the big picture, this new capability enables users to further leverage their investment in a ScanStation P20/15. The p3d systems integration, like the Leica ScanStation P20 itself, has many user aspects that will particularly appeal to surveyors“.

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