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Carlson BRx5 GNSS Receiver
An integrated all-in-one pole-top GNSS receiver, each BRx5 contains a multi-constellation, multi-band 270-channel GNSS receiver, internal GSM cell modem, UHF radio, dual hot-swappable batteries and internal level sensors. Manufactured for Carlson by Hemisphere GNSS, the BRx5 receivers can each be configured as Base, Rover, or Network Rover. They come with dual Bluetooth ports, allowing users to connect both data collector and a cell phone. The Base/Rover package includes two receivers, hard-sided carrying case, four batteries with two chargers, one GPS tribach and one tribach adapter, and two Carlson GPS receiver poles.

Javad Triumph F-1 UAS
The TRIUMPH-F1 has been designed and developed, not as a retrofitted toy, but like all other Javad products– from the ground up. Features include: No flying training needed. Select the program and click "Fly"; 4 Angled documentation cameras; Downward, high-precision camera for photogrammetry, 60° FOV; 4 landing gears w/integrated communication antennas; Landing sensors; 4 battery compartments provide ±30 minutes flying time; Sonar sensor; Flight status indicators; 2 micro SD slots; 8 motors; The four motor arms (for 8 motors) are detachable and there are four screw inserts in the bottom to attach mount pole attachment for field use, so TRIUMPH-F1 can be used as TRIUMPH-1 for field work as base or rover. Ready to fly in Q1 2015.

Topcon MS AXII Measuring Station
The MS AXII measuring station series includes the MS1 AXII with 1" angle accuracy, and the MS05 AXII with 0.5" angle accuracy. The fully robotic MS AXII models are vastly superior to conventional systems that simply lock on to the nearest targets. The MS AXII auto-collimation system allows the instruments to lock on to targets that are closest to the center view of the telescope, providing long-rage precision and accuracy even in low-light conditions. Additional features include integrated Bluetooth® connectivity options, durability with an IP65 rating, and TSshield technology for security and maintenance.

Topcon Sirius UAS
Topcon Positioning Group announces the release of two unmanned aerial systems (UAS) for mapping — the Sirius Pro and Sirius Basic. The fixed-wing systems resulted from a partnership with MAVinci GmbH, a UAS development company with which Topcon recently entered into a worldwide distribution agreement. Instead of using traditional ground control points, Topcon combines RTK (Real Time Kinematic) GNSS solutions with precision timing technology to provide more accurate mapping results when compared to other products. Both systems also offer autopilot assisted manual control, automatic flight planning and safety features.

Topcon GLS-2000 Laser Scanner
The GLS-2000 features an expanded field of view, the GLS-2000 is designed to pair with ScanMaster v3.0 software. With a scan range of more than 350 meters, the GLS-2000 is capable of accurately capturing long-distance measurements in applications where access is limited due to safety or logistics concerns. Using Topcon Precise Scan Technology II, the GLS-2000 is designed to emit pulse signals three times faster than earlier models. Additional features include a full-dome scanning range, user selectable Class 3R or 1M laser, and an exclusive laser plummet function that measures instrument height with a one-touch operation.

A 451Kb PDF of this article as it appeared in the magazine—complete with images—is available by clicking HERE