Gexcel Announces the New LineUp Pro Tool Based on the Exclusive Gexcel AutoScanRegistration Technology

6th October, 2014, Brescia, Italy — Gexcel Srl (a software and solutions provider in the Geomatics sectors) announces the release of the new LineUp® Pro based on the exclusive Gexcel AutoScanRegistration® technology.

The AutoScanRegistration® technology allows the automatic alignment of series of scans that have at least a 20% overlap. With the AutoScanRegistration® approach, it gets very easy to align scans without targets (i.e. when it is difficult or impossible to take on field target positioning).
LineUp® Pro
Import your overlapped scans and run the AutoScanRegistration® algorithm!
Several tests have shown an incredibly high level of convergence.
• Installed on JRC 3D Reconstructor® FORENSIC new package
• Installed on PointR3 2.0 new version
• All the features of the LineUp® Basic included
• The unique Automatic Alignment Target-Free included
LineUp® Basic
• Installed on JRC 3D Reconstructor® 3.0 new versions
• Installed on PointR3 2.0 new version
• Perfect to manage all the alignment procedures: point clouds importing and filtering, automatic target detection, geo-referencing, scans alignment per groups, cloud to cloud best fitting alignment, bundle adjustment
To learn more, come and visit us at Intergeo Berlin (Booth C4.001 | All 4.1) !
About Gexcel
Gexcel Srl has a rich history spanning more than 10 years of proven fully featured lidar and imagery analysis software packages with the JRC 3D Reconstructor®, completely compatible with all terrestrial, mobile and airborne scanners from manufacturers such as Faro, Optech, Riegl, Stonex, Topcon, Trimble and Z+F. Gexcel Srl was established in 2007 from the academic know-how of the University of Brescia and the applied research achievements of the European Joint Research Centre (JRC), located in Ispra (Italy). Gexcel Srl is proud to support all major standard formats such as the ASTM E57 and LAS.