Down Under and on Top with the New SP80

Melbourne, Australia (September 25, 2014) — The benefits of the Spectra Precision SP80 GNSS receiver with its multi-constellation capabilities has improved the work efficiency of Philip Clark Land Survey Services and is helping the firm grow. According to the firm’s owner, Philip Clark, “The SP80 is enabling us to acquire fixed solutions faster that previous dual constellation receivers and to maintain the fixes for far longer even in and around buildings and heavily vegetated areas. We are now expanding the business thanks in part to purchasing this most up-to-date equipment.” Clark added, “I am always looking to streamline the time spent in the field. Previously we’d experimented with a couple of different dual constellation GNSS receivers. Although the receivers provided the required results, the ability to only provide single constellation fixes, either GPS or GLONASS, resulted in frequent float solutions and lengthy fixed solution times. This was not viable for our methods of survey.”

For more than three months, Clark has been using a Nikon Nivo 2.C total station with Survey Pro software combined with the new Spectra Precision SP80 receiver with integrated UHF radio and T41 data collector running Survey Pro on a network configuration. The application of the SP80 combined with the Nikon Nivo 2.C has been predominately for topographic surveys in urban areas. “This is resulting in dramatically reduced field times and increased productivity,” explained Clark. Clark has also used the SP80 for coordinating survey marks bringing them onto the Map Grid of Australia (a requirement under the Survey Co-ordination Regulations 2004) and the Australian Height Datum. “Using the SP80 for this application is simple and saves time compared to the more traditional way of traversing to known coordinated marks which could be located kilometers from the job site,” said Clark.

Clark also likes how the SP80 receiver and Survey Pro software has enabled him to add other applications such as coordinate localization. “It gives me a much better fit between the total station measurement and the GNSS measurements out in the field and makes combining the two data sets for plan drafting much easier,” he noted.

Philip Clark Land Survey Services, headquartered in Warrandyte, a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, is a four-year-old survey firm with six employees.

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