Webinar: CartoPac and EDM Present Mobility Solutions for Electric Utilities

Fort Collins, Colorado, USA, 17 September 2014 – CartoPac International Inc. and EDM International Inc. have formed a strategic partnership to provide mobile and enterprise workflow solutions for the electric transmission and distribution, and telecommunication utility markets. The companies will present a joint webinar demonstrating how the CartoPac mobile platform can be used by electric utilities for inventories, inspections and lifecycle management of critical infrastructure. 

The free “Applying New Mobile Technologies to Electric Utility Inspections” webinar will be held on Tuesday, September 30, 2014, at 4:00 pm U.S. Eastern Time. To register, click here.

In the webinar, EDM International will share its previous mobile strategy, drivers for changing the mobile strategy and solutions configured using the CartoPac platform. EDM will also discuss how it has integrated CartoPac with its own DCALC product and developed improvements for managing high-resolution photographs necessary for utility inspections. 

Webinar topics will include: 

•        Automated T&D overhead line inspection and condition assessments,

•         Accurate inventory and mapping of electric facilities using Windows 8 tablets,

•         Environmental surveys of electric transmission and distribution lines and corridors,

•         Plans for future solutions developed on the platform. 

“CartoPac and EDM are collaborating to build field-to-enterprise workflow solutions related to electric utility infrastructure inspection and maintenance,” said CartoPac CEO Carl Lee. “These solutions leverage the mobile platform expertise of CartoPac and utility domain expertise of EDM.” 

The CartoPac Platform is a configurable suite of field and office tools designed to maximize the productivity of crews as they digitally map, inventory and inspect critical assets using GPS-enabled mobile devices. The recently introduced CartoPac 5.0 includes the CartoPac Workflow Manager, which provides organizations with a structured workflow to manage geospatial asset data as it moves from the field back into the enterprise. 

EDM International is a utility, engineering and environmental services firm that has built a 30-year reputation providing effective solutions for electric utilities to maximize their investment in existing transmission and distribution infrastructure. EDM services extend the life, improve the reliability and optimize the use of power delivery infrastructure. 

“Electric utilities face the challenge of extending the life of infrastructure in an era of increased regulations,” said Andy Stewart, EDM President. “Aging infrastructure requires proactive analytics by multiple departments within the enterprise so that condition issues can be addressed before they become acute problems.” 

After years of developing its own custom software applications, EDM transitioned to the CartoPac platform and began building mobile software solutions on top of it for use internally and by its clients, explained Stewart. 

“The CartoPac platform offers the scalability, flexibility and maintainability that allows us to develop a variety of solutions on a single interface,” said Stewart. “This enables us to focus on our core competency, which is serving utility clients.” 

EDM has built numerous mobile solutions on the CartoPac platform and deployed them in the field to the benefit of its electric utility customers. These applications include: 

         Transmission and distribution line patrols

         Wood pole inspections

         Line inventories

         Environmental surveys

         Street light inspections 

For more than a decade, the CartoPac platform has been used extensively by electric utilities, oil & gas companies, pipeline operators, state/local governments and environmental engineering firms to populate the enterprise GIS and asset management systems with captured infrastructure information. CartoPac seamlessly integrates with the Esri ArcGIS Server. 

About CartoPac International Inc. (www.cartopac.com)
CartoPac provides enterprise solutions, services and support for the accurate collection of asset inventory and inspection data that are critical to integrity management and regulatory compliance programs. Leveraging the robust functionality and completive advantages delivered by the CartoPac Technology Platform and professional services team, CartoPac partners with organizations to deploy integrated enterprise mobile solutions for the energy and utility markets. CartoPac was founded in 1999 and is based in Fort Collins Colorado.

About EDM International Inc. (www.edmlink.com)
EDM provides engineering, asset management and environmental consulting services and specialty products to the electric power and telecommunications industries.  By merging excellence in engineering and science with a genuine concern for their clients’ needs, EDM has become a recognized leader in helping utilities cost-effectively manage their transmission and distribution infrastructure. EDM is an employee-owned company with headquarters in Fort Collins, Colorado.  Since EDM’s incorporation in 1982, the key to the success of their consulting, research and development services has been the team of dedicated professionals and support staff chosen for their unique yet complementary abilities.