Geography 2050 Fall Symposium Announced by American Geographical Society

The American Geographical Society announces theme and topics for its November Symposium. 

[New York City, NY] — [27 August 2014] –The American Geographical Society (AGS) will hold its Fall Symposium, “Geography 2050: Mounting an Expedition to the Future”, on Wednesday, November 19, 2014. Hosted by the Earth Institute at Columbia University, the one-day event will take place in the historic Low Library, site of the Pulitzer Prize Award Ceremony. This is the inaugural event of a multi-year strategic dialog meant to help us understand the major trends that will reshape our nation and our planet between now and 2050, and the investments in data, technology and capabilities necessary to navigate our uncertain future successfully.

This Symposium offers an opportunity for professionals in industry, government, academe, and the social sector, as well as members of the general public to come together to think collectively about exploring the future, and to examine how geography, geographic thinking, and geospatial data and technologies will enable us to address these major trends proactively.

“This Symposium is going to be crucial to the formulation of policy over the next decades, bringing geography, geographic thinking, and geographic technology to address these trends that will impact our every-day lives,” said Dr. Jerome Dobson, President of AGS. “It is a rare opportunity for thought leaders across business, government, academia, and the social sector to gather in one place to frame the discussion of forces that are going to impact all of us in virtually every aspect of our daily lives,” added Dr. Dobson.

The Symposium will address topics including:
• Populations, Shifting Identity, and Well Being;
• Climate, Risk and Opportunity;
• The Future Energy Landscape;
• The Emerging Geography of the Internet of Things; and
• Investment, Law and Policy.

“The American Geographical Society is proud to convene this important long term dialog in partnership with Columbia University’s Earth Institute, and we are excited to invite the participation of thinkers from every walk of life to think geographically about the major forces that will change our planet and to brainstorm the vital investments that we should make as a global society to cope with this change” said Geography 2050 Symposium Chair, Dr. Christopher Tucker – AGS Councilor and Chairman of the MapStory Foundation.

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