DigitalGlobe Releases First WorldView-3 Images

DigitalGlobe just released the first images from WorldView-3. On August 19, a mere six days after launch, DigitalGlobe completed commissioning of the satellite bus and opened the door on the main telescope. And on August 21, DigitalGlobe completed its focusing and achieved Initial Operational Capability (“IOC”) on the entire suite of WorldView-3’s super-spectral 27 bands. 

DigitalGlobe released several WorldView-3 image examples from its collection of Madrid, Spain. Because of the regulatory restrictions, DigitalGlobe can’t yet display the 30 cm native resolution data so its images have been resampled to 40 cm which is available to download. 

To view/download DigitalGlobe’s first images, please see the latest DigitalGlobe blog post with more information.