JAVAD GNSS Announces Triumph F-1 Unmanned Aerial Sensor

We did not retrofit a toy with GPS. We designed and developed TRIUMPH-F1 as we have all of our other products.

No flying training needed. Select the program and click “Fly”

• 4 Angled documentation cameras

• Downward, high-precision camera for photogrammetry, 60° FOV

• 4 landing gears w/integrated communication antennas

• Landing sensors

• 4 battery compartments provide ±30 minutes flying time

• Sonar sensor

• Flight status indicators

• 2 micro SD slots

• 8 motors

• The four motor arms (for 8 motors) are detachable and there are four screw inserts in the bottom to attach mount pole attachment for field use, so TRIUMPH-F1 can be used as TRIUMPH-1 for field work as base or rover

Designed with passion from ground zero

Ready to fly in Q1 2015

See us at Intergeo in Berlin, October 7-9