CompassCom to Preview the Newest Version of CompassTrac 6 at APWA Public Works Congress

Centennial, Colorado, USA, 13 August 2014 – CompassCom is excited to announce their new generation AVL viewing software. A sneak peek of the advanced features in the new version of CompassTrac® will be demonstrated at the APWA Public Works Congress. The new version is scheduled for release in early Fall 2014. Some of the enhancements are on-the-fly geofencing, onboard diagnostics and enhanced integration with the Cityworks® work management software.

CompassCom will demonstrate the new CompassTrac 6 capabilities in the Esri booth #1631 at the APWA Public Works Congress and Exposition being held August 17-20, 2014, in Toronto.

“CompassCom’s ability to provide on-the-fly geofencing, onboard diagnostics and a tighter integration to mobile workforce management software provides clients the complete solution,” said W. Brant Howard, Founder and CEO of CompassCom. “Our goal is to integrate with the client’s Esri GIS, Cityworks and related software solutions to eliminate stove pipe applications in the enterprise.”
CompassTrac is the software tool that enables the end user to view the locations and statuses of vehicles and other high-value assets on their GIS map in real time. Leveraging existing Esri architecture and GIS data files, CompassTrac locates addresses and displays vehicle positions, speeds, and heading on the fly using selected ArcGIS data layers as the map background, including satellite and aerial imagery.

The premier upgrade to CompassTrac version 6 is a set of digitizing tools that allows the user to draw a geofence polygon around any feature or area – a street, neighborhood or town – on the GIS map. If any vehicle or asset being tracked by the system crosses the geofence boundary, CompassTrac will automatically send a text or email alert to select users and highlight the vehicle in question on the map display. These geofence alerts occur instantly and on the fly in real time, providing enhanced tracking of mobile resources to help operators manage their mobile work force.

Analysis of onboard engine diagnostics is important to fleet managers to improve fleet efficiency and reduce costs. Customers that have vehicles with engine diagnostic capability can use the new release of CompassTrac to view the information in real time. This release will allow various diagnostic fields to be viewed in real time.

Now with version 6, CompassTrac is also hardware agnostic. The software will automatically scale, or optimize, its map view to fit on the screens of desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones, giving Esri users the ability to track assets from any location where they have Internet.

In addition to on-the-fly geofencing and onboard diagnostics, the latest release of CompassTrac will include a tighter integration to the Cityworks product. Cityworks users will now be able to ingest and display Cityworks event layers and view work orders and/or service request with real-time vehicle information. Through the use of the Cityworks API, CompassTrac 6 can provide additional features such as creating work orders based on historical data, assignment of work order to closest vehicle, smart routing to service requests and populating labor in the Cityworks work order.

Visitors to Esri’s booth #1631 at the APWA Public Works Congress and Exposition will also view demonstrations of the new CompassLDE Connector, which provides plug-and-play capabilities to link AVL and mobile resource management tracking to the Esri ArcGIS GeoEvent Processor.

About CompassCom
CompassCom has been at the forefront of the AVL industry since 1994, providing enterprise-level fleet management solutions using the Esri ArcGIS platform. Originally designed for tracking the locations and status of vehicles, the CompassTrac and CompassLDE® server products are now used to monitor smartphones, private mobile radios such as Motorola and any mobile assets equipped with GPS chips. CompassCom mobile resource management solutions are used across North America by local governments, public safety agencies, public works departments and other organizations managing vehicle fleets and mobile field crews. CompassTrac® has provided field service management services for thousands of vehicles operated by organizations involved in public safety, public works, utilities, road maintenance, delivery and transportation.