UTEC StarNet Extends Key Partnership With Sky Futures to North America

A division of one of the world’s largest independent survey companies has announced that it has expanded an exclusive, collaborative partnership to cover the Americas.

UTEC StarNet is part of the Houston-based UTEC group of companies and it has just announced an expansion to its partnership with Sky Futures for 3D inspection and onshore and offshore asset management.

The collaborative approach is fundamental in enhancing both companies’ positions as leaders in their chosen marketplaces by providing a total solution thanks to a winning combination of UTEC StarNet’s IMDC and laser scan capabilities and Sky Futures’ advanced unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) inspection and measurement services. These are delivered via UTEC StarNet’s i-Site™ integrated 3D web-based software package.

UAVs are increasingly popular tools in the energy sector thanks to their ability to operate in harsh or hard-to-reach environments where it may not be safe to deploy personnel, including surveying for corrosion and/or damage in high risk areas. With lower operating costs than manned aircraft, UAVs can save time as well as boosting employee safety making them a common part of modern operations for many organizations.

Commenting on the expansion of the agreement, UTEC Chief Development Officer Steve Rampton said: “With the experience being gained in operating with advanced unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) in the North Sea and other areas of the world we will be in position to quickly meet our client requirements for these types of services in the Americas Region once the FAA and other regional aviation bodies finalize the operational parameters for commercial operations.”

Sky Futures is a UK-based company providing UAV inspection services to clients globally in the oil and gas, renewable and utilities sectors with world-leading expertise in engineering inspection and reporting using HD video and thermal camera imagery. They have also recently developed proprietary DTL-VU software that is used to measure defects and corrosion.

About UTEC StarNet
UTEC StarNet is part of the UTEC group of companies which provides a wide range of survey services including offshore positioning and construction support, metocean, geophysical and AUV surveys, geotechnical sampling and consulting services to the oil, gas and energy industries. With a focus on people, performance, excellence and ethics, the company also offers dimensional control surveys, laser scanning, 3D modeling and the iSITE™ asset management software. UTEC has offices located around the world including: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Indonesia, Italy, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and United States. To find out more, visit www.UTECsurvey.com