The Recent GPS Launch

The Air Force has indicated that the PRN being utilized for IIF-7, SVN-68, successfully launched on Friday 01 Aug, is PRN-9, not PRN-3 as was previously reported. PRN-03 is currently planned for use aboard IIF-8/SVN-69 tentatively scheduled to launch 29 October 2014. All other information below is accurate. Although the Atlas-5 launch vehicle is a direct injection capability, SVN-68 has flown into a high orbit directly over but farther out than its assigned F3 node to facilitate launch vehicle disposal.

Beginning at the end of August, SNV-68 will undergo a series of maneuvers to get to its assigned position in the constellation. The Air Force expects it to arrive somewhere around September 10th. At that time, preparations will begin to conduct its operational acceptance.

More information about this launch here: