Bomag Landfill Compactors Now Machine Guidance Ready

Tutt Bryant to integrate Carlson machine guidance kits with Bomag landfill compactors sold in Australia

Bomag landfill compactors sold in Australia will soon be machine guidance ready, thanks to an industry first partnership between Bomag distributor Tutt Bryant and machine control specialists Position Partners.

The agreement will see all Bomag landfill compactors fitted with the option of a Carlson LandfillGrade™ base kit, which includes the necessary mounts and wiring to add machine guidance at a later date, or a fully-fledged LandfillGrade™ GPS Landfill Management System factory-fitted before delivery to the customer.

“Machine guidance offers significant benefits for the landfill industry,” said Peter Gray, Tutt Bryant National Sales Manager. “It’s ability to reduce fuel usage, improve air space utilisation and assist with leachate management will make it a must-have technology in the near future.”

Using a combination of high precision GPS positioning and a control box mounted within the machine, Carlson’s LandfillGrade™ machine guidance system delivers real time information on material placement and compaction levels. With remote monitoring of machines from the office and sophisticated reporting capabilities, Carlson machine guidance solutions remove the guesswork out of landfill compaction and grading.

Carlson machine guidance systems also come with an industry-exclusive, three-year warranty.

Carlson’s Australian distributor Position Partners will install the machine guidance systems and provide full training, service and support to Tutt Bryant’s Bomag customers. Position Partners also offers flexible hire options for all machine guidance solutions and can retrofit solutions to most machines with ease.

“We are excited about the opportunity to extend the reach of machine guidance benefits to the landfill industry through our partnership with Tutt Bryant,” said Dieter Von Mollendorf, Position Partners Product Specialist for Carlson machine guidance solutions.

“Although commonplace in the mining and construction industries, machine guidance is yet to be widely adopted in Australia’s landfill sites, but we are confident that once customers see the benefits they will reap the rewards that machine guidance has to offer, not only on compactors but across all machines on site,” he added.

For more information about Bomag landfill compactors and Carlson machine control solutions, contact Position Partners on 1300 867 266, visit or