GPS/GIS Landscape Layout App for iPad

An iPad App for Your Backyard or Golf Course

July 18, 2014, Oregon, USA – CMTINC.COM announces the release of the Landscape & Stakeout software application for the Apple iPad. The large screen of the iPad lends itself well to mapping geographic features and making landscape layout designs. The Landscape & Stakeout app will let the user easily digitize the layout for a farm, a golf course, a resort area or a large backyard. It provides functions for importing shapes from Shapefiles or a DXF file, adding scalable landscape shapes that can be repositioned and/or resized, as well as laying out pipes and sprinklers.

This app will let the users create points by entering the coordinates or by recording GPS fixes. It will also let the users measure distances and areas on the displayed map.

The completed layout design can be exported to a PDF file or a DXF file, which can be sent out via email.

In conjunction with a compatible high-accuracy GPS device, the Stakeout functions can help the user get to the actual locations on the ground to install the layout per the design. The Line Stakeout function is particularly helpful in case a detailed background map is not available for the job site.

This app comes with a detailed built-in help document. It is available from the iTunes App Store.