CompassCom Empowers Real-Time Tracking of the Mobile Workforce in ArcGIS with the No-Cost Connector to Esri GeoEvent Processor

Vehicles, Equipment, Smart Devices Tracked via Any Wireless Network

Centennial, Colorado, 10 July 2014 – CompassCom has officially unveiled the CompassLDE Connector for the Esri ArcGIS GeoEvent Processor, allowing organizations to track the locations and status of their mobile resources – vehicles, smartphones, and other GPS-enabled assets – in real time on their Esri ArcGIS 10.2 platform. 

CompassCom will demonstrate the CompassLDE Connector in booth #2307 at the Esri User Conference being held July 14-18, 2014, in San Diego. Developed by CompassCom, the CompassLDE Connector is available on the Esri GeoEvent Partner Gallery at no charge. 

“CompassLDE Connector is ushering in the era of live GIS,” said CompassCom CEO W. Brant Howard.

“Organizations can light up their Esri ArcGIS with live streaming information showing where their mobile assets are located and what they are doing.” 

CompassLDE® (Location Data Engine) is the universal automatic vehicle location (AVL) and mobile resource management (MRM) server. Capable of integrating location and status data collected by any GPS-equipped hardware and transmitted over most wireless communications carriers, CompassLDE tracks vehicles and other high-value assets in multiple fleets simultaneously for live display on a digital map. The server integrates hundreds of combinations of GPS-enabled hardware and wireless networks, both commercial and private.

The CompassLDE server is routinely used to monitor vehicle fleets and field crews by public works departments, public safety agencies, trucking companies, departments of transportation and all levels of government. As a universal server, CompassLDE interfaces with GPS hardware from Trimble, Motorola, Sierra Wireless, CalAmp, and any GPS-enabled smartphone or tablet computer. CompassLDE may be purchased for on-premises operation or accessed as a service hosted by CompassCom, a provider of best-in-class mobile resource management solutions since 1994. 

The ArcGIS GeoEvent Processor for Server allows Esri customers to connect their GIS data with almost any type of streaming data from sensor networks for which connectors have been developed. The CompassLDE Connector offers the most plug-and-play options to link AVL and MRM tracking to Esri GeoEvent Processor. With CompassLDE Connector and ArcGIS 10.2 (and later), organizations can track nearly any GPS-enabled resource that is transmitting data over most wireless networks and view the information instantly from their Esri ArcGIS server. 

“By integrating mobile resource location and status details with the other data in their ArcGIS Platform, GIS users can achieve a level of real-time situational awareness to make better decisions fast,” said Howard. “The Esri GeoEvent Processor lets GIS users create dashboards with tools needed to manage their mobile resources in real time and even publish the asset locations to a live website for the public to view.” 

Combining the power of CompassLDE and Esri GeoEvent Processor, the fleet manager can perform real-time geospatial queries on their vehicle fleets to view which snowplows have activated their spreaders and how many ambulances are idle, for example. Alerts can be set up to notify a manager if specific status thresholds have been exceeded, for instance, when a fire truck travels above a certain speed or a police cruiser leaves predefined geographic boundaries. 

“CompassLDE Connector and Esri GeoEvent Processor enable organizations with mobile resources to leverage their ArcGIS platform to make their fleets safer and operations more efficient,” said Howard. 

Visit to obtain the free CompassLDE Connector. Contact CompassCom’s Brandon Gilhooly at 1-303-999-3052 with questions. 

CompassCom has been at the forefront of the AVL industry since 1994, providing enterprise-level fleet management solutions using the Esri ArcGIS platform. Originally designed for tracking the locations and status of vehicles, the CompassTrac and CompassLDE® server products are now used to monitor smartphones, private mobile radios such as Motorola and any mobile assets equipped with GPS chips. CompassCom mobile resource management solutions are used across North America by local governments, public safety agencies, public works departments and other organizations managing vehicle fleets and mobile field crews.

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