Next Generation InfraMarker System for Marking Underground Assets Now Available

Locating and managing underground assets just got a whole lot easier!

Madison, Wisconsin, July 8, 2014 — Berntsen International® today introduced the InfraMarker™ System, a state of the art integration of RFID technology, magnetic locating technology, cloud data storage and mobile software to locate and manage underground utility infrastructure.

Finding and identifying underground assets has long been a challenge for utilities and municipalities. Mistakes and accidental hits are both costly and dangerous. Using the InfraMarker System, infrastructure owners can locate, identify, and update assets in the field faster and easier than ever before.

The fully integrated InfraMarker System offers many advantages over current practices. Lightweight locating equipment and the ability to use a commercial smartphone improves field productivity. Cloud data storage provides secure backup and allows almost unlimited information to be attached to any asset record. Field wireless capability enables real-time field and office integration. Innovative software design allows the customer to view, edit, and add video to assets on a map and even export InfraMarker data into their own management system.

Whether you are city administrator, a utility manager, a contractor, or a technician in the field, InfraMarker is an ideal solution to your infrastructure location and management challenges.

The InfraMarker System includes InfraMarker software, readers, locators and a variety of tag designs. The system is available in various packages to make starting up fast and easy. For more information including video demonstrations visit

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