Time Scanners on PBS

And you thought the World Cup was exciting. We just finished watching the Time Scanners show on PBS (here in the U.S.) – WOW, impressive. As Geoff Jacobs noted in a recent note to HxGN attendees, “Time Scanners” is, to date, the biggest & best exposure for laser scanning by far to the general public.”

The TV series began airing internationally in February and for many months all six episodes (Petra, Pyramids, St. Paul’s Cathedral (London), Coliseum, Machu Pichu, and Jerusalem) had found their way onto YouTube. However, YouTube versions are apparently no longer available, as they were apparently not formally unauthorized. So, if you want to see these shows, you can no longer simply look them up on YouTube. PBS is currently promoting a three-part series (Pyramids, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and Petra), and may possibly opt to air the other three sites in the future.

For additional information about the teams behind this series and each site, see this link for Atlantic Productions (UK), which produced the TV series: http://www.timescanners.com/us/ 

More information about the PBS series: http://www.pbs.org/program/time-scanners/