Leica GeoMoS Now! Web-Based Application with Real-Time Access for Informed Decision-Making

(Norcross, GA, 26 June 2014) – Leica Geosystems launches Leica GeoMoS Now!, a new web-based application that is part of the Leica Geosystems monitoring solution and enables on-the-go visualization and analysis of structural and ground movement monitoring data. Large amounts of geodetic and geotechnical data are now easier to handle with simplified workflows using automatic configuration and distribution tools that quickly notify users of any changes in data for faster, more informed responses.

Leica GeoMoS Now! enables users to view and analyze monitoring data anytime and anywhere from any smart device, such as a computer, tablet or mobile phone. It is part of a monitoring solution that comes with a web-based user interface and allows graphic visualizations to be easily edited by users who have no knowledge of web programming. Immediately after a short setup, end users can start receiving automatic reports with data analysis and customized formatting, which help to reduce workloads and enable fast and informed response time. Leica GeoMoS Now! is a flexible solution that creates and combines multiple, easy-to-understand graphical representations of monitoring data, which can be sent over to various targeted users or end-customers. Users can define who has access to which data and how it is seen.

Complete and flexible control to fulfil specific project requirements
Because Leica GeoMoS Now! runs on local computers or servers on premises, the software can be fully integrated on the user’s company Intranet server and data can be accessed from different locations within the company using only a web browser without any need for additional local software licenses or installations on different computers. Administrators have complete control of the system, can display monitoring data on one easy-to-read and fully adaptable user interface and can keep sensitive data securely inside the company’s network. All screen views can be easily integrated into other web pages and customized to fit company branding by modifying and personalizing the login page, uploading company logos and using re-direct URLs, thereby fulfilling specific project requirements.

Leica GeoMoS Now! supports georeferenced data formats, such as GIS shape files and raster data so users can overlay a variety of datasets, thereby customizing views of interpretations and enriching geodetic and geotechnical monitoring measurements.

“With monitoring projects becoming increasingly complex, customers need to access easy-to-understand information fast and have complete and flexible control over the management of their data,” comments Leica Geosystems Monitoring Product Manager Michael Rutschmann. “Leica Geosystems is a pioneer in web-based monitoring data analysis with many years of experience. Our customers trust Leica Geosystems to create reliable and accurate monitoring services and to understand their needs. Leica GeoMoS Now! provides exactly that: a quick and hassle-free overview of monitoring data at any time, on any device, and enables users to react promptly and confidently. The program’s capacity for analysis of large amounts of data also helps minimize time pressure for those responsible for the safekeeping of infrastructures.”

Leica GeoMoS Now! is available immediately. Ordering information and details are available from all authorized Leica Geosystems representatives.

For more information on Leica GeoMoS Now! please go to: http://www.leica-geosystems.com/geomos_now

About Leica Geosystems’ Monitoring Solutions
Leica Geosystems’ Monitoring solutions combine geodetic, geotechnical, and meteorological sensors for reliable, precise data acquisition and secure data transmission with advanced processing, sophisticated analysis, and visual representation.

Using standard interfaces, open architectures and scalable platforms, the solutions are customizable to meet individual requirements – for permanent or temporary installations, for single sites or monitoring networks. Modern technology makes installation easy and allows for reliable and state-of-the-art communication via mobile networks.

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