Supergeo Launches Mobile Cadastral GIS 3.2

Supergeo announced that Mobile Cadastral GIS 3.2 is officially launched for field surveyors to timely query and measure cadastral data on site with their Android devices.

Mobile Cadastral GIS 3.2 is the app designed for cadastral data positioning, query and measurement. Integrating with GIS, GPS and e-Compass technologies, this app enables users to position, display cadastral map and overlay layers on mobile devices directly. In addition, Mobile Cadastral GIS 3.2 also supports to record and manage waypoints and track data through working with GPS, so that the field surveyors can easily trace their previous work.
The new Mobile Cadastral GIS 3.2 focuses on the enhancement of overall performance, photo-taking functions and user interface. With this app, the place where photo is taken can be shown on the map with icons, so that users can easily view all the photo positions at a glance. Plus, the result of cadastral data query and photo query will be displayed on the same screen. In this way, users can switch tabs speedily by tapping icons and view different query results effectively.

To have better performance and save map loading time on site, SGT and STC file is supported for a smoother map display. The cache map tiles can be generated easily by Cache Generator in SuperGIS Desktop 3.2 to facilitate efficiency of in-app map viewing.

Mobile Cadastral GIS is an exclusive GIS App designed for Taiwan cadastral data query. For assisting global users in effortlessly collecting, measuring and querying point/line/polygon data and attribute data on mobile devices, Supergeo specially develops powerful SuperSurv both for iOS and Android devices. To learn more about the product, please visit Supergeo website (

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