Completing Positioning Tasks Easier and Quicker with Leica iCONstruct Field v2.0

(Norcross, GA, 11 June 2014) – Leica Geosystems has added valuable features to the new iCONstruct field software for tailor-made positioning and measuring solutions in construction. With its new 3D viewer, enhanced visualization capabilities and extended functionality, the iCONstruct field v2.0 significantly improves and further optimizes workflows of foremen and supervisors, thereby helping them to increase productivity and efficiency.

Leica iCONstruct field v2.0 software is used throughout the entire iCONstruct portfolio with products such as the Leica iCON CC55 and CC65/66 field controllers, all Leica iCON sensors, the recently released iCON builder 60 and robot 60 total stations, as well as with mobile checking from pick-up vehicles. A variety of new features creates clear benefits for users, simplifying many tasks in the building & construction industry for engineering and infrastructure applications and BIM.

Surfaces and visuals – 3D viewer and enhanced visualization on-site
The new software version of Leica Geosystems’ iCONstruct features the unique 3D Viewer that not only displays projects in 3D, enabling clash detection, project and surface inspection, but also allows project views from any angle. Using smart controls, users can also pick out layout points straight from the 3D model. Triangles used for meshing slope surfaces of stockpiles, pits and dams can now easily include shading on surfaces so that users can better visualize situations on-site.

Additionally, foreman can quickly check heights of construction terrains from their pick-up vehicles that have an iCON antenna installed on the roof. The new Foreman View is available for use inside a vehicle and displays the ‘cut & fill’ values on a full screen.

Easy checking on construction sites
Checking built structures on-site is now even easier. Users can choose between control radial, polygonal distances, angles and also plane and tilted areas to achieve results quickly and check shapes against the design.

Support for xRTK – increasing measurement efficiency in difficult environments
With Leica iCONstruct v2.0, GNSS users can now increase measurement efficiency in obstructed areas. They can receive positions where none were available before and also receive up to 10cm better accuracy of positions taken under difficult conditions. xRTK is also available for Machine Control applications.

Online file exchange and remote support with iCON telematics
The new iCON telematics option connects to layout crews in the field and allows online file exchange and remote support. This web-based suite seamlessly integrates with workflows on construction projects and with Leica iCON solutions, simplifying work processes and enabling significant time and cost savings. iCON gps 60 users are offered a single SIM card solution and can use the controller modem for telematics and network corrections and, at the same time, save on investments and reduce system complexity.

More flexibility for creating and staking points and lines
iCONstruct v2.0 now provides a cross section in its ‘Cut&Fill’ application. Cross sections can be easily defined based on the walking path or towards a reference line such as foundations, which require a specific elevation for height reference. This specific height can be typed in by users or selected from a list. The GPS height transfer allows setting all heights for an entire project. The created localization can be used with iCON 3D as well.

Further enhancements
iCONstruct field v2.0 provides various other new features that speed up productivity on-site:
• The Corridor function within the ‘Roading’ application allows users to set values on each side of the centerline in order to define the corridor
• ‘Next stakeout point’ functionality saves time and efforts by automatically selecting the nearest stakeout point
• Some user defined point attributes can now be exported as DXF
• The new DXF import clean-up helps to reduce file sizes and purge unused elements of CAD drawings
• Exact surface topology break and boundary lines can be created and edited

The updated iCONstruct v2.0 software is immediately available. Ordering information is available from all authorized Leica Geosystems representatives.

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