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Trimble InSphere
Trimble introduced the InSphereTM platform for geospatial information management. An innovative approach for central management of geospatial operations, Trimble InSphere is a cloud-based software platform for central management of geospatial applications, data and services. The framework provides access to multiple applications, including three productivity-enhancing apps: Trimble InSphere Data Manager, Trimble InSphere Equipment Manager and Trimble TerraFlexTM to simplify field data collection.

OxTS xNAV500 GPS/INS Module
The compact GPS-aided inertial navigation system is designed to deliver superior position, roll/pitch (0.05°) and heading (0.15°). The xNAV500 is just under 380g, and fills the gap between light-weight inertial systems that are not accurate enough and accurate inertial systems that are not small enough. In UAVs it is accurate enough to give about 1m pixel accuracy at a height of 1000m.

Spectra Precision SP80 GNSS Receiver
Spectra Precision® SP80 features exclusive Z-BladeTM GNSS-centric technology running on a 240-channel 6G chipset. The SP80 is capable of utilizing all 6 available GNSS systems, but can also be configured to use only one selected constellations in an RTK solution. The communication capabilities of the SP80 receiver provide a unique combination of a 3.5G GSM/UMTS modem, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, and an optional transmit UHF radio.

Juniper Systems Archer 2 and Mesa
The second-generation Archer 2 includes a bright sunlight-visible display, extra-long battery life, as well as a high-sensitivity GPS/GLONASS/SBAS receiver, all encased within a rugged IP68 construction. The Mesa is the world’s first rugged notepad, combining the functionality of tablet PC with features of a rugged handheld computer. The unit has a large 5.7 inch high visibility color VGA LCD, embedded Windows operating system, as well as GPS and camera enhancements.

Trimble eCognition 9
eCognition software is a powerful solution for the analysis and extraction of information from geospatial data collected via aerial, satellite and mobile mapping platforms. This new release simplifies and reduces the time taken to classify objects in imagery data sets using the new template matching function. With eCognition 9, users can define objects graphically to streamline the template creation process. These templates are used to automatically identify objects of interest in imagery.

Orbit GeoSpatial Mobile Mapping Blurring Tool
Many countries have privacy-related legislation that requires faces, license plates and other identifiers that can link a person to a location to be blurred in publicly available imagery. Orbit GT’s tool includes automated detection, and QA and QC. A second level in Orbit’s blurring tool is a total erase of buildings or areas that are not allowed to be recognized in public imagery, which may be related to military restrictions in some countries.

A 1.237Mb PDF of this article as it appeared in the magazine—complete with images—is available by clicking HERE