Graebert Announces World’s First Professional CAD Solution for Android

June 4, 2014 – Berlin – Graebert™ GmbH – one of the pioneering companies in high-performance CAD solutions for desktop and mobile devices – today announced the world’s first professional CAD solution for Google® Android®-based tablets (code-named Radon™).

Radon uses the same acclaimed 2D & 3D CAD engine powering ARES™ Commander Edition on Microsoft® Windows®, Apple® Mac® OS X® and Linux® as well as partner solutions such as DraftSight™ from Dassault® Systèmes and CorelCAD™ from Corel™ Corporation.

Radon natively reads & saves files in DWG, enabling Graebert customers to experience the same 2D drafting & 3D modeling features, user experience and programming environment across Android, Mac, Windows and Linux. Radon adds the power of a touch-enhanced UI in addition to an Android-enhanced UX as an enhancement to the standard ARES feature set.

Radon includes also the same APIs as ARES Commander (Tx C++, LISP, FDT), offering CAD developers a unique opportunity to migrate their applications from desktop to mobile. Through Radon, developers will be able to offer the same functionality and features on both tablet and desktop while maintaining the same core stream of code.

Graebert is one of the pioneers in the CAD industry, having been a recognized leader for more than 30 years in the 2D and 3D architectural, engineering and surveying markets. ARES Commander was the first-ever (and still the only) professional CAD program to be available across all major operating systems, after having launched a Mac version in February of 2010 at the Macworld® trade show.

Graebert has always been at the forefront of industry firsts for CAD – the company offered the first AutoCAD®-compatible CAD alternative in 1994, as well as the first mobile CAD solution on Windows CE™ in 2000. In 2005, SiteMaster™, a unique mobile solution for building surveyors was introduced to a worldwide audience. In 2013, Wilfried Graebert, was granted the Leadership Award from the CAD society in recognition for establishing a foundational, alternative platform to traditional low-cost design tools.

“By 2015, tablets will outsell PCs by a significant margin – as such, the importance of making the full ARES CAD experience available on mobile devices became a top development priority,” said Wilfried Graebert, CEO and founder of Graebert GmbH. “By 2017, there will be touch devices (smartphones + tablets) shipped for each PC and we fully intend to be the go-to solution for handheld devices long before then.”

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Radon will be officially introduced at the Graebert Annual Meeting, scheduled from October 9th to 10th, 2014 in Berlin. The name “Radon” is currently the internal code-name of the project – other commercial trademarks may be used for the launch and pricing will be announced at the Graebert Annual Meeting.

About Graebert
Graebert GmbH is a leading developer of custom CAD software, solutions, and services. The company is recognized as a true innovator in the CAD industry and has more than 30 years of technology expertise, project management and consulting experience. Previously known on the market with trademarks such as FelixCAD or PowerCAD, Graebert’s CAD systems were the first to support Windows, Mac, and Linux and can be used on both desktop and mobile devices. Graebert’s product portfolio is anchored by ARES Commander Edition – powerful, DWG-compatible CAD software with 3D-modeling capabilities, which is the basis of all Graebert OEM products. Graebert offers a unique collaboration business model for CAD applications developers with custom OEM CAD software and application development services. The SiteMaster™ line of "as built" software surveying solutions, as well as worldwide surveying services are included under Graebert’s iSurvey™ brand. The company is headquartered in Berlin, Germany with additional offices in the USA, UK, China, India, Russia, UAE, France and Japan. Further details at and