Jakarta Fire Department Utilizes SuperPad to Secure Citizens and Properties

Supergeo Technologies, a leading global provider of GIS software and solutions, assists the Department of Building and Fire, Bekasi, Jakarta in enhancing citizens’ life through SuperPad, the professional GIS data capture application. The project is contributed by Datascrip, Supergeo partner in Jakarta.

The Department of Building and Fire, Bekasi, Jakarta is responsible for protecting and securing the safety of its citizens. Except for the fire control missions, the Department also has to prevent any kind of disasters, maintain infrastructures and provide related counsels in a timely way.

With SuperPad, the firemen and department staffs can collect the first-hand data and update it in real-time, so that other co-workers, no matter in the office, at the scene or on the way, can receive the latest information to better plan the rescue resources and therefore prevent more loss. The application also allows users to edit, measure, query and display spatial data. Several custom tools, like Advanced Attribute Table, Network Tool, etc. are also provided for more efficient uses.

Supergeo develops GIS software and provides total solutions for aiding worldwide users to increase their work values with geospatial technologies. The SuperGIS applications have been applied to diverse fields, including safety control, emergency response, urban planning, natural resource management etc. Supergeo will be showcasing these GIS solutions during FIG Congress and Asia Geospatial Forum 2014 to interact with more users.
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