New OxTS xNAV500 GPS/INS Module

Today’s unmanned aerial and ground vehicles require compact, lightweight and highly accurate GPS + INS solutions. We have designed our new xNAV500 to meet these requirements. The compact GPS-aided inertial navigation system is designed to deliver superior position, roll/pitch (0.05°) and heading (0.15°) data even in challenging operating environments.

The new xNAV500 is all about size and accuracy. Just under 380g and in a very compact enclosure, the xNAV500 fills the gap between light-weight inertial systems that are not accurate enough and accurate inertial systems that are not small enough. In UAV’s (unmanned aerial vehicles) it is accurate enough to give about 1m pixel accuracy at a height of 1000m but without dominating the weight allowance of the aircraft.

Integrating the xNAV500 into systems like UASs couldn’t be simpler. Mounting brackets are supplied to ensure a rigid installation. Standard NMEA messages, timing sync and trigger outputs as well as event input triggers mean the xNAV500 can be used with an array of sensors such as LiDAR scanners, cameras, and hyperspectral sensors. OEM board set versions are available for system integrators and we offer attractive discounts on top of our already low prices for bulk purchases. Find out more on our website