SPECIM SisuCHEMA Now Amplified by Breeze Software – Chemical Imaging Made Easy for Laboratories

Oulu, Finland: April 28, 2014 SPECIM, Spectral Imaging, Ltd., global leader in hyperspectral instrumentation, announces the release of SisuCHEMA amplified by Breeze software, a full solution from measurement to deliverable analytical results. SisuCHEMA Breeze is a turnkey hyperspectral Chemical Imaging Analyzer for forensics, food, pharmaceutics and agricultural applications as well as other research and industrial applications that require qualitative and quantitative results of the imaged samples.

New SisuCHEMA Chemical Imaging Analyzer with Breeze software not only makes the hyperspectral imaging easy, but also turns hyperspectral data into tangible results effectively using the well established chemometric methods. SisuCHEMA analyzer is a full solution including everything that is needed for the chemical imaging workflow from measurement to deliverables. No experts are needed for the operation. Integrated data acquisition and analysis software quides through the workflow and offers fast learning curve for the users. User places sample into specially designed sample tray and using the Breeze software the spectral image is acquired and saved in seconds. Finally, spectral image data cube is being transferred to quantitative and qualitative visualized maps with the same user-friendly and intuitive software.

“We are proud to introduce SisuCHEMA with Breeze, since it is the first commercial integrated hyperspectral chemical imaging analyzer offering both image acquisition and NIR analysis capability in one package. It is an ideal solution for research labs that require quickly the results of the imaging as well as for on-line process monitoring and quality control” states Harri Salo, SPECIM Sales Manager.

SisuCHEMA analyzer can be applied to a broad number of applications. For instance, inspecting authenticity of documents, investigation of crime scene evidence, composition of chemical substances (e.g. drugs), detection of contaminants, measuring protein content in grain and quality inspection of food supplies. All these can be quickly screened and analyzed on large sample sets.

SPECIM developed SisuCHEMA Breeze in co-operation with UmBio AB from Sweden.

SPECIM will release SisuCHEMA Breeze at FORENSICS EUROPE EXPO 29-30 April 2014 in London, where working demonstration instrument is on display at booth number 1-G20 and samples can be brought for test measurement and analysis.

SPECIM Spectral Imaging Ltd. is the world leading manufacturer of hyperspectral imaging instruments and systems. In addition to AISA airborne remote sensing systems, SPECIM provides ImSpector Imaging Spectrographs, Spectral Cameras and Hyperspectral Imaging Solutions to an increasing range of demanding industrial and science applications like color measurement, recycling, geological core logging, process analytical technology (PAT), life sciences, chemical imaging, and forensics. For further information about SPECIM, please visit www.specim.fi. For more information about SisuCHEMA please contact Harri Salo at info@specim.fi or tel. +358 10 4244 400.