Tom Degenhardt Receives PTOE Certifcation at BHC RHODES

Mr. Tom Degenhardt, P.E., L.S., PTOE is a professional engineer and land surveyor who most recently received his certification as a licensed Professional Traffic Operations Engineer (PTOE). This places Degenhardt in a select group of technical professionals with certified knowledge related to traffic and transportation analysis, operation and design. Degenhardt has been with the company since August of 2013 and is the Public Works Services Team Leader overseeing customer care and engineering initiatives including street design, road and highway design, traffic engineering, storm water and drainage and construction services.

“Tom has brought 20 years of experience to our Public Works segment and has showed great determination since being with BHC RHODES. We are very proud of his commitment and dedication to his professional growth and the importance he puts on our “No Problem” Customer Service when working with our customers,” said Kevin Honomichl, president of BHC RHODES.

BHC RHODES, a civil engineering and surveying firm, was founded in 1992 and is based in Overland Park, Kansas. They provide professional services for telecommunications, public works and development customers. BHC RHODES was recognized in 2013 as one of the Kansas City area’s fastest-growing companies ranking in the Kansas City Business Journal and Ingram’s Magazine Corporate Report honor roll. Their expertise has been published in numerous magazines such as APWA Reporter and Transmission & Distribution World. For more information, visit their web site at