Orbit GT UAS Assists Public Safety at UNESCO Heritage Binche Carnaval, Belgium

Binche, Belgium, March 21st, 2014 – Orbit GeoSpatial Technologies has used UAS technology to help solve the Public Safety challenges at the UNESCO Heritage Binch Carnaval, Binch, Belgium.

As Cultural World Heritage by UNESCO since 10 years, the carnaval shows itself at the forefront of technology. The countless participants that scan the skies to catch the oranges traditionally thrown by the “Giles de Binche”, could now spot a quiet UAS up in the sky.

Mandated by the city authorities, Orbit GT has brought its expertise at the disposal of Public Safety services to overlook the crowd from a safe spot in the air. Carrying a poweful camera, safey forces could monitor the displacements of the crowd along the route of the procession and in adjacent streets, while providing a clear view in real time. UAS operations are in direct contact with the multidiciplinary central command, combining police, fire and red cross services. The UAS can respond immediately to urgent request on any location of the happening, providing the inteligence for rapid and well informed decisions with direct feedback to ground forces.

Since over 10 years, Orbit is leading provider of both operational and decision support software solutions for police and fire services. Central Command can use Orbit GT’s NATO-standard Contingency Planning and Automated Vehicle and Person Location tools in combination with fixed camera’s, now assisted by a camera-equipped UAS.

Police Forces we pleased with this initiative: compared to the traditional helicopter, Orbit GT’s UAS solution is more flexible, more discreet and quite, and a lot cheaper! But also the many visitors were pleased, at the UAS still keeps an eye on the happening helping to prevent crime.

About Orbit GeoSpatial Technologies
Orbit Geospatial Technologies is world leader in solutions for exploiting Mobile Mapping, UAS and Aerial Mapping data in managing, viewing, extracting, publishing, sharing and embedding in workflows. Orbit GT is headquartered in Lokeren, Belgium.