Pennsylvania Celebrates National Surveyors’ Week

Harrisburg, Pa. – Pennsylvania Society of Land Surveyors (PSLS) is proud to announce its involvement in National Surveyors’ Week, March 16-22, 2014, through its Reaching New Heights project. To support this effort, Gov. Tom Corbett will honor Pennsylvania surveyors through a proclamation recognizing surveyors’ contributions to local communities across the commonwealth.

The goal of Reaching New Heights is to eliminate or reduce large areas in Pennsylvania, where geodetic data is poor, through observation of at least 100 benchmarks. As part of the project, PSLS will be cooperating with the National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration and National Geodetic Survey to perform a statewide GPS survey.

Surveyors have played a vital role in the development of towns, cities, and the nation. They represent the client as a source of information, in which they obtain details utilized from the commencement to the completion of projects that range from creating boundaries for residential to large-scale commercial construction, identifying environmental concerns, and managing floodplain control.

PSLS has contacted its members throughout the commonwealth to aid in locating and elevating benchmarks by GPS to determine ellipsoid heights for comparison to traditional elevations. Students from Penn State, Wilkes-Barre and Pennsylvania College of Technology will also participate and be able to use the experience in their projects. The students’ involvement in PSLS gives them practical experience and mentorship, and emphasizes the importance of the profession.

"PSLS is excited to be working statewide to collect data that will be utilized within the National Geodetic Survey. To help celebrate National Surveyors’ Week, the Reaching New Heights project will serve as a tool to actually demonstrate the importance of surveying to the public. We look forward to continuing this project for many years to collect as much data and detail as possible," said Adam Crews, PLS, president, PSLS Board of Directors.

For more information, please contact Kate Sherman, director, at 717.540.6811 or, or visit

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