SuperGIS Application Youth Award 2014 Winners Finalized

Monday, Mar 10, 2014 – Supergeo Technologies, the leading global provider of complete GIS software and solutions, announced the winners of the SuperGIS Application Youth Award 2014. The young competitors greatly showed their creativities by using SuperGIS series software in different research fields, such as disaster prevention, tourism, location analysis, and medical care.

The contest was opened to the students from different domains, like GIS, geology, leisure business, logistics management. The Youth creatively utilized SuperGIS software to analyze several application cases, from ambulance route planning, retailer store locations, to earthquake disaster prevention. A ceremony was held in Taipei a few days back to congratulate the winners.
The best application of the year is Taichung Metropolitan Park Tourism Guide, conducted by a team from Nan Kai University of Technology. With the latest SuperGIS Desktop 3.2, this project successfully designed a guide system which allows the public to obtain information, route and audio guide of Taichung Metropolitan Park easily, thus combining GIS technologies with citizen convenience services ideally.

The winners were invited to present their research results at the ceremony, in which GIS developers, educators, and users could gather together to exchange innovative ideas. Supergeo will continue to hold the related events to popularize GIS and its applications, and keep educating our youth, so that they can perfectly combine their imagination and ability on GIS.

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