PenBay Solutions Launches InVision 1.4

PenBay Solutions has launched InVision 1.4. The InVision software suite helps users solve both tactical and strategic challenges throughout the facility lifecycle-saving time and money, protecting lives and assets, and creating safe and productive environments for building occupants. This latest software release focuses primarily on new features and enhancements to InVision Foundation, which is the underlying platform upon which all InVision software modules are empowered.

Washington, DC – February 10, 2014: PenBay Solutions, the leading developer of GIS-based facility lifecycle management software, announced InVision 1.4 from the floor of the 2014 Esri Federal GIS Conference today in Washington, DC. Built on Esri® ArcGIS®, InVision integrates geospatial tools with facilities data to create workflows that reach beyond individual buildings and site maps to bridge the gap between managing exterior and interior built environments. As a result, InVision can be configured to solve specific challenges in portfolio planning, operations, and safety and security.

The 1.4 release of InVision software focuses primarily on new features and enhancements to InVision Foundation. InVision Foundation is the underlying platform that empowers:
• InVision InSite modules for facility portfolio planning and management
• InVision FM modules for facility operations, space analysis and asset management
• InVision Secure modules for risk analysis, and emergency planning and operations

Some of the New Features in InVision Foundation Include:
• New Document Linking Tools: link documents from any repository to data/features within InVision. If you use Microsoft® SharePoint®, InVision Foundation now has a specific interface to support SharePoint document linking.
• New Geoprocessing Task Support: Use geoprocessing services to support your business decisions. How many customers are in the trade area associated with this store? How many competitors are within a 15-minute drive of my selected locations? Does my selected service area qualify for government assistance? These are the kinds of questions that can be answered using geoprocessing.
• Enhanced Search Capabilities: users can more easily find entities across the entire facility portfolio. Configure the search tool to locate any entity with InVision, including addresses, buildings, assets and people.
• New Red Line Markup Capability: Users can report inaccuracies or gaps in facilities information and suggest ways to improve data. These red line suggestions can then be managed through a data quality improvement process.

"InVision software solutions provide continuity across the facility management lifecycle," said Stu Rich, Chief Technology Officer at PenBay Solutions. "The core of our solution, InVision Foundation, brings together facilities information with geospatial data, and then allows users to securely leverage and visualize that information to more efficiently and cost-effectively solve critical portfolio and facility management challenges."

InVision: Modular, Scalable Technology that Solves a Variety of Strategic Challenges Throughout the Facility Lifecycle
InVision software is an integrated, scalable platform, which means no task is too small, and no challenge is too complex. User can choose a tactical focus and leverage InVision to help address day-to-day facility management tasks that would benefit from simple automation and improved efficiency. Or users can choose a strategic approach and leverage InVision to drive complex processes and support enterprise-wide decisions throughout the facility lifecycle. The modular structure of the InVision software solution allows users to start with a focused implementation to solve a specific challenge with quantifiable results, and then grow into a broader InVision solution as needs arise.

"The more people we engage in our InVision facilities GIS solution, the more opportunities we’re made aware of," said Roslyn Gray, Business and Technology Solutions Program Manager at Curtin University. "The opportunities are seemingly endless."

About Penbay Solutions
PenBay Solutions, LLC, has developed the InVision software suite to cohesively address a full range facility management needs, from strategic portfolio planning and management, to day-to-day operations, maintenance and safety. InVision brings the visualization and analytical power of GIS (geographic information systems) to facilities data and workflows, helping users conceptualize information to substantiate decisions and identify new opportunities that support their organization’s strategic objectives. By eliminating the artificial technology boundary that has long separated the built environment between indoors and outdoors, InVision aggregates all facility and infrastructure data into a single, comprehensive, scalable solution for portfolio planning, operations, and safety and security. Learn more at