DotProduct Co-founder wins ENR Newsmaker Award

Houston, TX — February 3, 2014 — DotProduct co-founder, Mark Klusza has been awarded an ENR Newsmaker Award for his work in developing DotProduct’s handheld 3D solution. "I am both thrilled and honored to be recognized by ENR for a second time — my vision for 3D to become a field tool for construction is here." says Klusza.
Mark Klusza, Rafael Spring and Brian Ahern founded DotProduct in October 2012 with the vision of delivering real time, 3D point cloud computing on a tablet platform with off-the-shelf sensors. Recognizing that the exploding processing power of phones and tablets coupled with ubiquitous low cost 3D depth sensors could be harnessed to deliver powerful handheld 3D solutions, Spring pursued the idea of writing advanced 3D machine vision software for mobile phones and tablets after leaving Google in 2011. Klusza’s industry experience was key to guiding that idea towards becoming a professional tool for engineering and construction customers. "Mark’s insight and experience with 3D engineering applications has been invaluable” says Rafael Spring, chief technology officer at DotProduct.
Klusza and the other 24 recipients of the 2013 ENR Newsmaker Award will be honored at the ENR Award of Excellence Black-tie Gala, April 3 in New York.
About DotProduct
DotProduct develops high performance, easy-to-use solutions for capturing 3D data. The company’s technology is designed for mobile professionals who need high-quality spatial data on the job site. DotProduct’s Phi.3D software turns a Google Nexus 7 tablet into a 3D-capture and -processing solution. Phi.3D -powered tablets simplify, augment and in some cases can replace 3D laser scanning and photogrammetry based work processes. Use cases for company’s Phi.3D software range from creating 3D construction documentation for oil and gas facilities to documenting crime scenes to imaging movies sets for gaming and entertainment applications. Customers across a wide variety of industries use 3D data to mitigate project execution risk and contain costs and schedules. (